Wednesday, April 23, 2008

our life before the blog!

so we have been dating for almost 5 years, and on july 16th, kyle proposed at the harbor, in rockwall! i had absolutely no idea it was going to happen then, and was shocked beyond belief! my first words were, "no way! are you serious!?" (which apparently made kyle a little nervous! haha)

he and his dad picked out the ring all by themselves, and did a great job!
since then, we have been passing the days by going to school. kyle is at a&m majoring in finance, and he graduates in december. i am in nursing school at blinn. i graduate may two weeks!!

we got our engagement pictures taken at the harbor, in rockwall where kyle proposed.

and we are now in the final days of our engagement, well, kinda! we have 52 days till we're married! and the planning and preparation is at full force now! the invitations have probably been the least exciting part of getting the wedding all together, but it's gotta be done!!

so now we are somewhat up to date on our lives!!