Sunday, June 14, 2009

where has a year gone?

we haven't changed much in a year!

kyle and i have been married a year today!

i never thought a year would pass this fast!

it seems like it was just yesterday that we were at the church getting ready to get married! i remember waking up and i was exhausted but soo excited! it was pouring down rain! thank goodness, it completely stopped raining and the sun came out just a couple hours before the wedding!

it was the most amazing day! i remember trying to remember every detail, and it all went by so fast! i wouldn't trade anything about the day!

kyle, this has been a crazy year! starting in college station, you still in school, and me working. then moving to greenville, and we're both working, me nights. it has been a little hectic, but i love our life! i can't wait to see what's coming next!

i love you so much! i love living every day with you and i wouldn't trade it for anything! you make me so happy! thanks for loving me!

happy anniversary!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


i absolutely love going on vacations!! anywhere..i'm ready to go!

the coming home..not so much!!

we just got home monday after a week in fort walton, florida, with the whole jones and in laws crew! we had so much fun and it actually went very smooth for a vacation with 14 people, including 2 little kids, and a 5 week baby!

so we're back in the grind of working (lame).

when's the next vacation?

here are a couple pics, i'll post more later..

the whole crew! we took this on a timer, sitting on a lawn chair! impressive? i think so.

just us =)
happy trails!

Monday, June 1, 2009


I got off work on saturday morning, and was feeling energized so i wanted to do something fun. on my walk home, I saw that there was a garage sale just down the road, so i decided to hit it up. I tell jeffrey kyle I'm going so he won't worry. (haha..he's in a coma state at this point in the morning). and I head down to the garage sale.

Guess what is sitting right out front!?!?

Not just one bike, but TWO!!

A girl's and guy's! and in good condition! So i call kyle, which he appreciated, and asked him if he wanted me to get them..which he of course said yes. Only $10 each!! what a steal.

I had to run to the ATM to get some cash. my first time to use an ATM..haha..make fun..i know.

So I call Kyle again, which he appreciated again, and ask if he'll get up (on his sat morning) and help me get them home. he did -- he loves me.

I told him he could go back to sleep, but we wanted sweeties, then hit up a few more garage sales, went swimming, and took naps. what a great saturday!!

So back to the bikes. I have been wanting for us to have bikes. I loved bike riding as a kid and want to do it again! My dad even tried to fix up my old bike for me, but it was way past its glory days and didn't want to be fixed.

For the garage sale bikes, we just had to fix two flat tires and a little WD-40, and they're good to go!

I took it out on its first ride this morning when I got home from work, and it was great! Although exercising right before you go to bed is never a good thing. That's why it's 9 am and i'm still awake!! (and have to go back to work..bummer man).

So my bike. love it. kyle is beginning to love his. he'll catch on to the fever. and then we'll do a triathalon. this is the first step in the right direction.

On another very exciting side note...

I just work 2 more nights, then we are headed to Fort Walton BEACH!!!! the whole jones family crew is going! (minus ash, dan, and izzie =(..we'll miss yall)

So i'm off to sleep..hopefully! i'm still kinda pumped about the bike/beach combo though.