Saturday, January 21, 2012

so convicting..

ok, so i rarely post anything on here that isn't a cute picture/story about the kids, but, i've been totally consumed by a blog i found this past week.

this sweet 2 year old boy, tripp roth, passed away last week, after battling a rare skin disease from birth (epidermolysis bullosa). the disease causes his skin to be soo thin and sensitive, that the tiniest bit of friction or even temperature causes terrible blisters and sores. his mom kept a blog all about the day to day life, caring for him, because the disease is so rare, very few people know anything about it.


tripp's mom, courtney is a believer, and her faith and trust in God is unreal. she truly believed tripp was given to her for a reason, and even though their life was so impossibly hard, if his purpose was to bring more people to God, that's what they had to fight for!

i just read and cried sad, happy, thankful, guilty and every other emotion tears.

it has seriously changed my point of view and attitude of motherhood. i love love love being a mom. since i can remember, all i wanted to do was be a mom. and i still know that is exactly what God wants for me, but i think everyone still has days, when you're just tired and discouraged at the same time. both jillian and kade have been battling terrible colds that they just cannot kick, and it has just been exhausting.

then i read about this sweet boy and his mom, and all they go through, and i realize i do not have a clue what a true "hard day" is.

so now on days when jillian is just being crazy, i have to stop and be thankful that she can walk, run, talk and laugh, even when she can test your patience like the best of them! and when kade is super fussy, i have to be thankful that he can even cry, smile, and giggle.

so yeah, if you want to read her blog, take a huge box of tissues! and just so you know, as tripp reached the end of his journey, his poor little body was so consumed with EB. it's so heartbreaking!