Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Izzie is Here!

Isabella Leigh Kelso is here!!
she was born april 27th at 3:40 pm.
7 lbs 2 oz!
and too cute =)

(this definitely warranted a post..maybe one day i'll get back to frequent blogging)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

to hannah:

dear hannah.
here is the picture of our new car you have been requesting!
this is what i got for my birthday! love love love it!!

playing catchup..

I have not posted in quite awhile! so here's to playing catch up on the last month of our lives. it's not really exciting stuff, but the little fun things that make us love life =)

andrew and adelle spent the night one night and we made a tent in the living room.

adelle's favorite thing to do at our house is "race lola". she'll walk inside our house and the first thing she says is, "can i go outside and race lola?" she then goes into the backyard and her and lola will just run laps. its kinda funny.

kyle has also been working on a guitar. like building it from scratch! one day, he said, "i've always wanted to build a guitar". so i said, "why don't you?" him and his dad have been working on it together. it's very close to being done! it's turning out really good! i'll post all the pictures when it's done. here's the starting piece of wood..

i turned 22!

we wanted to go to the dallas aquarium, but we've had some hectic work schedules and haven't been able to make it, so we went to the next best thing! bass pro shops!! haha. we went out to eat, bass pro shops, and target! our favorite rockwall stops.
here we are at bps! it looks kind of aquariumish.

for my birthday we also went to andrew's first tball game. he's definitely a natural.
this is after the game. adelle is saying.."so andrew. do you think you're going to share those snacks with me?" too funny.

we also helped danny and chelle move into their new house! so exciting! the only picture i took was of andrew and dad working on the fence.

this past sunday we had a birthday lunch/early easter lunch. here's us at the sunday afternoon festivities.

here are the kids with all their goodies

so that's all i have for now! hope the pictures weren't too boring for you! =) i'll try to be better at keeping up with the blog so its not such a onslaught of pictures!
have a lovely wednesday!