Monday, July 26, 2010

4th of july

hey, at least we're still in the same month!

i love love love the 4th of july.

you get to wear red, white, and blue and it's not uncool.

jillie had the cutest 4th of july outfit. kyle decided it wasn't for everyday wear though.


we had a great 4th! we went to the 2nd annual party at heidi and brent's, and watched the park street parade.

later the night we were going to go to the park to watch the city fireworks show, well it started pouring and got delayed a couple of hours. by the time is started, jillie was soo done partying, so we watched them from our front yard about a mile away.

here are some pictures from the day..

our little patriotic family

jillian with ammaw and papa

the police car sirens started going off, and jillie's little eyes started to well up with tears! we kinda thought it was funny. in a totally pathetic, sad way.

cousin picture (we were missing izzie, they had to be in kansas)

sweetest face!
i think it's clear, the 4th might be one of jillian's favorite days too!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

three months

now i know jillian is almost 4 months, but we couldn't skip month #3 altogether!

this girl is too funny! she loves to laugh, but looks a little funny doing it! she has the most expressive little face. she smiles all the way up to her eyebrows!

she's made major strides this month!
-she sleeps on her tummy full time. about 9pm-6am. we're very happy with her sleep!
-went on her first vacation and did amazing!
-she has started reaching for toys and really interacting.
-she has started belly laughing and it is soo cute! you really have to work for it though!
- she weighs 11 lbs 11 oz (on july 3rd)

-she is still breastfeeding 99.9% of the time.
-she had to get formula for the first time (which made me sad), but has only had 2 formula bottles.
-i went back to work for the first time, which was an adjustment. i was sad to leave her, but it was a little nice to get to do something different!
-although, jillie gave kyle a run for his money that night!
-i am so blessed, i am only working 1 night a week for now.
-we found out she is a bit strong willed. she goes on "nursing strikes" where she refuses to nurse! the first time she did this was when i got home from work. i believe she was holding a grudge!

(hi mom!)
love her dimple!

ok, i'm done with this photo session!

*under construction*

i'm not sure what happened to the blog, but it started acting weird, and elements started disappearing, so we're kind of under construction for the time being!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

catch up..

oh my goodness, life has been more than crazy! we have been running around like chickens with our heads cut off. but it looks like it may be starting to calm down a little.

i need to blog on so many things! here's my table of contents:

jillian's 3 months!
4th of july
going back to work
and more..

none of which i will be blogging about today.

my grandmother passed away monday night. she has been in the hospital for almost 3 weeks with liver failure. (we didn't even know she had liver issues!).

2 sundays ago, they told us she wouldn't make it through the day, well over a week later, she finally decided to go home. tough, tough lady!

the family has been up at the hospital all this time, we would go daily, but some of our family never left!

all that to say we're a little tired!

we were all very sad to say goodbye, but after the last few days, there was a bittersweet peace when she finally stopped fighting.

here is a picture of her a couple years ago on her 75th birthday!

love you mimi!