Wednesday, August 26, 2009

what the?!

so i'm running errands yesterday, thinking i am going to die any minute from heat exhaustion. i'm pretty sure it was about 189 degrees here. i would run to and from the store/car and have the air on full blast.
well, after i was done, i was heading home (it was about 3 oclock in the afternoon) and a girl a couple houses down from me was mowing her yard.
i thought wow..that girl is determined to have a nice yard. way to go her!
but then i noticed what she was wearing..
cut off shorts and a tank top -- very appropriate mowing clothes.
but her footwear..
she was mowing in UGG BOOTS!!!
tall ones. with fur. in 189 degree weather!
what is she thinking!?
i'll tell you what i was thinking..i'm gonna run over there, rip them off, and hose off her feet.
they have to be on fire!!
instead, i just went into my wonderfully air conditioned house and watched tv, or something equally lazy. ha.

so, lady, flip flops are like real cheap and medium cool during this blazing hot weather.
just thought i'd let you in on that secret.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

our sweet peanut

we had our first appointment today and all went well. everything looks as it should!

we measured 8 weeks so our due date is march 30th..possibly april 3rd. i hope its not born on my birthday, for the baby's sake!

we don't have a scanner so i thought that we would just take a picture of the sono pic.
this is actually the 3rd sono we've had. heidi spoiled us and did a couple right when we found out.

the baby is growing! it actually has a head and body now. not just a beating grain of rice! you can also see the little arm and leg buds!

today was the 6 year anniversary of our first date, so it was fun to get to see the baby today! we had a lunch date to the doctor (fun fun) and subway, then starbucks tonight. we like to party it up!

goodnight all in blog world.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

oh dear..

when people find out i'm pregnant they ask 2 questions immediately..
"are you feeling ok?"
- yeah pretty good just a little tired.
"are you having weird cravings?"
-no not really, eating pretty normal things.

i guess those are the first things people think of when they think of pregnancy, who knew.

well, so i thought i wasn't having weird cravings, and i'm really not, but lo and behold, i am sitting here at 4:30 am eating a bowl of lucky charms. hmm.
so no, i'm not having weird cravings, because i've always eaten lucky charms.
but i'm definitely having cravings at weird times!!

and earlier today, i was asleep when kyle got home from work. he came in and said he was going to cook me dinner, being the sweet man that he is.
but no, i wake from a dead sleep wanting pizza. so i got up immediately and we went and got a pizza.
again...normal food, just at an odd time.

so kyle, who i've always known as a dear sweet person, seems much nicer lately, because this is only the beginning. (and i think he knows that very clearly)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

life as us

i'm so excited to have a few days off! i've worked 4 of the last 5 nights and that's a lot for me. i'm not one of those amazing night shifters that can work a bazillion nights in a row and still look and feel amazing!

it gets to me quick!

and i miss kyle. i see him, sure. for about 30 min when i get home from work and about 30 min before i go back to work. not much quality time there! lots of phone calls and text messages lately!

but other than that life is good! and really life is good because of that too! we like having jobs!

we're still not sure about how my working situation will work out once the baby is born. i will probably cut back to working only 1 or 2 nights a week. it is actually medium convenient working nights with kids, because daddy-o will be home at night to watch them! and hopefully they will love me and take long naps when i get home the next day!!

wow this is a boring post!

other exciting stuff...hmm..

lola got her cone off her head, so now we can walk her in the neighborhood without being totally embarrassed! and she hasn't even noticed her stitches so that's nice!

we got to see the baby last week (sono.) it was like 1 day to early to see a heartbeat. bummer. but it looked text book for what it should look at that time, so we took that as encouraging. we're going back this week!

i've decided i will start cooking kyle breakfast when i get home from work instead of cooking dinner. that way i'm not trying to cook, eat, and clean in less than an hour before i have to leave for work. it makes that time way to hectic, and we prefer just hanging out together for that hour. poor kyle has to fend for himself for dinner lots (mostly he goes to his parents =) ) well this morning's menu item was breakfast burritos. always a good choice!

well i think that's about it in the life of the nelsons lately! not much exciting going on, but i still love it!

now off to do laundry and dishes, we have catching up to do! =)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

poor dog =(

in celebration of finding out we were pregnant...

lola got fixed =( poor dog. look how sad she looks! on the up side, she is being the most calm dog ever! maybe we should keep her on pain meds all the time!!

to really top off her week. the day before we took her to get fixed, we decided to cut her hair. she already has short hair, but sheds really bad. so another pug owner told us if you shave her, the under coat won't shed. well, kyle didn't know you were supposed to shave with the grain, not against. so she is stuck with this stripe down to the skin on her right side! not counting her surgery area shave!

so, lola's had a really bad week!
she doesn't even act excited we're adding another family member to the household!

Monday, August 3, 2009

summer update

ok, i just realized how long it has really been since i have blogged! this could be a lengthy, picture filled post!! i will do a very abbreviated fact filled update!

first, for our anniversary, we wanted to do something a little different, so we went skydiving!! how romantic!! it was so fun and now we can say we've done it!!

we've done quite a bit of swimming! here are the kiddos being silly!!

went to friends (rachel and david's) wedding! we got to hang out with lots of friends from high school and it was so great to catch up!

and found out we were pregnant later that night!

bought lola a pool, and its her new best friend.

spent some days at the lake! always fun!

threw heidi a surprise 30th birthday party!

had a great 4th of july!

here are the kids on the 4th! kinda hard to get them all looking and smiling!

spent the night with great friends at a ranger's game!

and did i mention we were pregnant!?!?

oh my gosh, we're gonna be parents!!!

we are soo excited!! we're 6 weeks now, due march 30th!

and we'll try to be better about keeping everyone updated! i feel out of breath (or my fingers are tired) after this post!

everyone have a wonderful evening!