Monday, February 23, 2009

we have privacy!!

when we first looked into buying our house, i said the first major money spender is going to be on a privacy fence!! our backyard is not in an ideal, say hi to the neighbors, spot. if we lived in a quaint little neighborhood like you see on tv, we wouldn't have to do this.

well, let me start over. we don't know many of our surrounding neighbors (i know, we're bad). we're not even sure if some of the houses have people living in them! but we love our neighborhood.

the reason we desperately needed a privacy fence is because our backyard backed up to the hospital administration and home health building. and the main hospital right right next door. so i was feeling a little exposed to my coworkers.

and now, there is a no smoking policy any where on hospital campus. so where does everyone come to smoke?

standing right up against our fence.


so you can imagine how it was a little awkward to be out in the backyard and have people standing right there looking at you.

well, no more!!

we are privacied!!

and every night since then, we have spent out in the backyard. we've had s'mores in our firepit, eaten dinner, watched a movie outside. we're loving it!!

our fathers and brothers were life savers!! they spent two straight days here digging holes, setting posts, and giving us a beautiful fence!!

thanks guys!! we owe yall big time.

so after the fence was up, we had to clean up the backyard. the yard was completely full of dirt dug up for the fence posts. and this isn't normal dirt. its solid as a rock black clay dirt. it took kyle and i several hours to get it all up, but its beautiful now =)
lola helped in the dirt moving process.kyle and lola laying down on the job.

on a side note, when all the dirt and lumber scraps were still in the backyard, adelle went out there and said "oh my, this is horrible!! who did this to your yard!?!?" i said, "kyle and the guys did to build us a new fence. do you like it?" she then looked up and said, "oh that's lovely."
not a normal almost 3 year old.

so, thanks again guys for all the help. we're loving it!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

i love valentines day!

i know people say its just a ploy to make money, but i still love it.

we went to Perry's in downtown dallas for our valentines dinner and had a lot of fun. kyle did a great job picking out everything. and got me flowers!! such a great husband.
me and my flowers =)

we decided not to do big gifts and instead, put in a privacy fence!! woohoo. we're very excited about this.

so on the way home i was really tired. and cold. i used the windshield visor thing for a blanket and fell asleep. apparently kyle thought this was humorous.


i love you so much! we've been married 8 months today!! i wouldn't choose anyone else to spend each day with!! you're my favorite =)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

another lola story

i promise i am not a weird dog person. at all.

i'm not a "oh my gosh i love my dog like my baby"

i barely like dogs.

kyle had to beg me to agree to get lola.

this dog just keeps us either laughing or cussing.

so the latest..

last night, we decided to let lola sleep free in the house, not in the crate. this is a first time thing.

mainly because we were already in bed and didn't want to get back up to put her away.

she also has metal tags on so we hear every move.

all night long we did not hear a sound. she stayed on the couch all night (which i'm not crazy about, but if she behaves i'm ok). so i get up at 5:45 for work and she is still on the couch. has not moved one inch. well it's dark in the house. so she gets up and goes straight outside to go to the bathroom.

i'm praising her the whole time. thinking its such a miracle she behaved this well.

i'm running a little late so i have my bags and keys in my hands and as i am walking out the door i go thru the living room and look at the couch. oh my..

you would not believe what happened.

our sweet puppy had gone into heat ON MY COUCH!

i did not have one minute to spare so i just told kyle what happened and ran out the door.

our couches are fabric, so yes it soaked in.

no, you cannot take the covers off to wash.

and no you cannot flip the cushions.


we've washed it out with hydrogen peroxide, and we're waiting for it to dry to see what it will look like for real.

maybe we'll just have to get new furniture =)

Monday, February 9, 2009

Sam Moon

how i love you.

i just got a sterling silver ring and 2 necklaces for $24.00.

i'm not even a big jewelry buying type. but i walk in that store and something just comes over. cute stuff at such good prices.

sam moon, if i met you i would..hug you. i would think about kissing you, but probably wouldn't because you might be shorter than me. but that's ok. i don't judge.

so yeah, greenville needs a sam moon. who needs a target!? (i'm soo just kidding. mr. target..please forgive me!!)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

basically the world cup

today was andrew's very first soccer game!
he's on a 4 and 5 year old team and it is quite comical. we did not quite win. we could have, we just ran out of time!!

the shorts issued to andrew were way too big! poor guy, if he could keep 'em up it would have been a whole different game! at one point, he had the draw string around his neck!! haha.

andrew had a whole entourage there. (as he will his whole life) i'm sure it was somewhat distracting.

practicing his footwork.

dellie a little sad she couldn't play this time. but very excited to eat skittles on the side line.

serious game face.

Friday, February 6, 2009

ridin' along in my automobile... baby beside me at the wheel.

apparently lola has claimed the middle console in all cars as her "seat"!

it does not matter what car we are in, she weasels her way up there and then sits proudly on her throne. most of the time she has the whole backseat to sprawl out on but that is not good enough!
hello butthole. she's on top, now she just has to get settled..
success at last. then she turns around to look at me in the backseat of my mom's car.

she's such a moron.

later we're at home. i'm watching tv, and notice that she's awfully quiet. hoping that's a good sign.

it is not.
lesson of the day: quiet is never a good sound.

this is a strand of toilet paper going from the hall bathroom to the living room, yet still attached to the toilet paper holder. now that takes talent.

a day in the life of lola nelson.