Sunday, September 21, 2008

ring day!

kyle got his aggie ring on friday! he made fun of all the people who were way overly pumped about the day, but he finally admitted that he was "closet excited". haha..he's so dorky, its cute. the day was alot of fun and we got free snow cones. i got a strawberry cheesecake snow cone! i thought it would be weird, but it was so good! its crazy how much it tasted like cheesecake (my most exciting part of the day!)

kyle "closet excited" while he waited in line.

signing his life away for his ring!

having it presented to him.

seeing it up close for the first time! (the guy behind him is apparently very excited about kyle's ring!)

gig 'em!

the end of a fun day!

congrats dear! i'm soo proud of you!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

homeowners are we!

the offer has been accepted and we bought a house! we close in october and move in december! my mind is already moving a million miles a minute about paint color, new light fixtures, where to hang kyle's new deer mount...

we'll be going to sleep at night and i will just roll over and say,
"kyle are you awake?"
"well, do you think our bathroom will look good brown?"
"umm..i don't care, whatever you want, now go to sleep"

this little scenario repeats almost every night with a different room in the house!
i'm just so excited, i don't think i'll get much sleep between now and december!
i think i'm actually about to go pick up some paint swatches!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Ikes yikes!

So there's a hurricane coming straight for us!
all along i've been big deal..we might get a little rain and wind.
well, today, while i was at work our supervisor came up to me and asked

"are you spending the night tonight?"

"well, i usually don't spend the night at work, so no."

"are you working tomorrow?"


"ok, then you don't have to spend the night."

apparently, by 7 am tomorrow, winds should be up to 80-100 mph! thats a lot. which means the people who work tomorrow are spending the night at work. (sounds like a real party)

that also means, that they had a ton of free food for all the staff, so i definitely took advantage of that!

if the storms are too bad and we can't get to work, we can call and they will come pick us up in a big 'ol truck. not every day that can happen.

so, today i found out that the hurricane was supposed to hit us.

which means:
- we brought our grill in from the porch and it is now in our living room, so later tonight it won't enter our living room through the window!
- when i got off work today, my activities included finding all the candles and flashlights in the house.
- and i'm about to fill the bathtub up with water so we can flush our toilets with it later (weird i know, but everyone's doing it!)

the big word on the street right now is "hunker". i've never heard that word used so many times in one day, but that's what we're doing..

we're hunkering! we'll let you know how it goes!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

catching up!

its been awhile since we have posted. we have been soo busy! instead of doing several posts about each thing we've been up to, we'll just have one post and include it all! so here is the last couple of weeks in pictures! enjoy!

we spent a day at the lake!

it was lola's first trip and she loved playing in the water! (we were very excited because we are also water loving people!)
lola got tired of swimming and wanted up on kyle's raft!she slept like this forever!! it was so cute!

we had a date night!

we went and saw bill cosby!! it was great! he was soo funny!

went and saw the aggies play some football. (not the best game to go see though)

we had pretty amazing seats on the 23rd row on the 40 yard line!

my wonderful husband got me flowers after a super long work week!
saw nick play some football!

me, kyle, and lola at the jones family reunion!

it was also mimi's 75th birthday!

how cute is this!? andrew and lola made great playmates.
and now we are looking to buy our first house and this is a very strong candidate! guess where!? greenville, of course! its just a cute little brick house..we'll see how it goes!

well that pretty much sums up the past few weeks. it has been crazy busy, but we're loving life! now we're just going to hide away and hope the hurricane doesn't hit us in college station this weekend because we don't feel like evacuating..we're tired!

and i'll try to be better about keeping up to date with posting so i don't have to wait forever for all the pictures to load each time!! adios!