Friday, February 26, 2010

jillian's room

we've been working on jillian's room for awhile now, just whenever we get the chance. it's pretty much finished, although i'd like to add a few details here and there.

i'm pretty happy with how it turned out. a baby girl's room, but not over the top, everything pink frills girly.
this is the view from the doorway into the room.

and here's the other side of the room. we still need to stain the rocking chair. that's a project for this weekend. we'll see how it goes!

here's the inside of the bed. i love the bumper pad! my mom made all the bedding. you can see the quilt hanging on the rocking chair in the previous pic. i guess i need to get a better picture of it.

we painted the room khaki and i drew a tree on the wall in chalk. i read this technique for painting things ("murals") on walls and it definitely sounded the easiest! you just have a wet paper towel and wipe the lines off to erase.

here's the tree after the first coat. it took 3 coats of acryllic to get it as bright as i wanted. (that's 3 different colors of off white)

i had this white lamp and wanted to "cute it up" a little, so i started tying ribbons around it. well, i think you could tie ribbons forever and never be quite perfectly happy with how it looks, so i just stopped!

here's how it looks for now. i may go and tie a few more on, but not today!

like i said, we're still working on the little things here and there..and considering she probably won't even sleep in here for quite some time, i think we're close enough to being ready!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

baby showers!

we were beyond blessed this past week by friends and family to have 2 baby showers!

on thursday, we had a shower given by my friends at work, and i was blown away by the generosity. i love working with these girls!

here i am in our little break room, where the showers are held. the girls did a great job making all things pink!

mandy made this cute little diaper cake.

kyle came up after the shower to help me load up all our goods! (he wasn't too pumped about spending the entire shower with all those females, so he just makes an appearance at the end)

tammy, me and mandy. thanks yall--everything was so cute!

kyle making a get away with all our girly goodies!!

then just 2 short days later, on saturday morning, we had another shower at church, and were blessed once again with all things pink!!

me and the moms!

moms and grandmas

hannah and me. she was an official hostess - listed on the invite! (she'd want you to know that)

dellie helped me open presents, which was nice because bending over has become quite difficult! she liked this shirt, in particular. and she took her job very seriously! hannah did too -- she was back there writing poems!

the baby daddy came at the end once again!

we got this cute painting from carrie, one of beth's friends.

and here's all our baby gear at home! we are ready for jillian now, we're just not sure where we'll put her!

i was tired just looking at it all!

thank you so much to all our friends and family!! we were so blessed by everyone, and so appreciate it!!

now if our jillie girl will just get here!! we only have a few short weeks!! unfortunately, i'm afraid these "few short weeks" will be the longest yet!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

weekend wrap-up

it's funny how it takes me till the next weekend, to wrap up the previous. but we are at least making way with our weekly posts!

the snow all melted (quite quickly, i might add) and we are back to just normal old texas. i can't complain too much though, i do not know how people live with that much snow several months each year! i love going to colorado and all that jazz just as much as anyone, but once it started to melt, all that nasty slush was getting kinda old!

we decided to keep valentines pretty low key (after the snow changed our original plans). we decided that we would do no tangible gifts, because about a week earlier, we renewed our...


haha. we are "those people" that wear boat shoes year round, with everything. don't judge. everyone should own a pair! both of our boat shoes were a couple years old quite/very worn out, so we just decided to go and pick out the ones we wanted and happy valentine's to us! (we felt our wedding vows are still in good shape, so the boat shoes were what really needed to be renewed)

kyle then broke the "we're not getting gifts" rule, and got me flowers and a big bag of skittles! (this rule breaking is pretty consistent!) and the skittles..he knows me well enough not to get me chocolate. skittles have been the candy of choice for the past several months.

i felt bad that he had gotten me flowers and skittles, so while we were grocery shopping that night, i said "you want me to get you some candy?"
"how bout sour patch kids and sour worms"

so here ya go, happy v-day!

we are now that couple that just picks up gifts while grocery shopping, together!

and while we were taking pictures, decided to get a belly shot, (kind of an odd angle, but kyle is working on his skills!)

here we are at 33 weeks!

this weekend we also had our second 3D sonogram! we didn't get many pictures of her whole face, because she was a little squished up! she is definitely running out of room in there! those pictures will follow in another post, but here is a 2D sono of her sweet face!

her little nose and lips are too cute! (actually, not so little nose and lips, if you can tell from the sono!) getting to see what she actually looks like was amazing, even though we didn't get the perfect pictures! it makes me so much more anxious/excited to meet her in just a few short weeks!!

that is all for now!

have a happy week!
(or hey, we're at the weekend already, time for another update!)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

valentine's snow day

as most people know, texas recently got snow! like real snow.

not the slushy, icy, dirty mess.

10 something inches of real lush snow.

the snow started falling on thursday morning and kept coming till friday morning.

all this is usually great, but on this thursday night, we had big plans to go out for valentine's day (a couple days early) and go re-do our 3D sonogram. (miss jillian didn't quite cooperate the first time.)
so when it started snowing, i didn't really expect it to be enough to hinder our plans.

well, sure enough was i wrong!! the 3D sono office actually called and said they were closing due to weather, so it made our decision quite easy whether to go or not!

the funny thing is, 6 years ago, on our very first valentine's day together, we of course had big plans to go out and it snowed and iced. our parents decided it would probably be better if we (16 year old drivers) didn't go out in the bad weather. so we stayed at home and played in the snow and helped my mom watch andrew (who was 1 month old!), so heidi and brent could go out.

wow, times change fast!

here we are 6 years ago on valentine's..

6 years later

so our plans changed quite a bit thursday night and we ended up going to my parent's house and playing in the snow with the whole family. it ended up being more fun than going to some fancy restaurant anyways, i'm sure.

here are a few pictures from the night..

snowball fight. i stayed out of it. notice the golf cart in the background, that's what we use to "sled". we did it when we were kids, now it's the grandkids turn!

cute baby addition to the "playground" that will probably be used a lot more in the spring!

i love the snowball plastered to his forehead!

this is the "sled" (aka..mortar bucket) that was pulled behind the golf cart. adelle loved it! she didn't get out the whole time. notice it filling up with snow!

happy snow day!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

last weekend

we celebrated kyle's mom's birthday by spending the weekend in college station and going to the a&m vs. baylor basketball game. it made it a little interesting since there is a little family feud going on there between these two particular schools =)

i have it easy and it's win win for me.

a&m wins - kyle is happy, and that makes me happy.
baylor wins - i like baylor and cheer for them in most of the their games.

so what color to wear?

i decided to be a good wife and support my dear husband and his beloved school. haha..he's not really one of those psycho aggies -- you know who you are!!

it really was a close game..neck and neck the whole time. the aggies came through victorious. although i think they only won on good luck and a 90% free throw average (not their norm!)

beth and sara were good sports and claimed that it was better for the aggies to win and the boys be in a good mood. i agree =)

and to top the weekend off, on sunday we got to have lunch with a real life blue grass band! they were friends of kirk's (kyle's brother). and the lead singer was named "digger".

you can't make this stuff up people.

all in all it was a great family fun filled weekend. and our first time back in college station since we moved from there so it was a nice trip down memory lane. and how we're glad we don't live there anymore! =)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

blog fail

one of my new year's goals (not resolution, just a nice thing to work towards) was to blog once a week. i thought that was manageable, well apparently not, because here it is february, and i have ONE post this year. yikes.

so i thought..hmm..i'll just take that one off my goal list. or i could start blogging once a week. maybe i'll try the latter. it's just that instead of blogging i have been really distracted reading other blogs. mostly crafty blogs. then i want to do crafts. this all started with receiving this..

for christmas from my parents! i was soo excited! i haven't made too much with it yet. a hat for the baby and a heating pad (the fabric kind you fill with rice, then heat in the microwave. love it). haha..both things i thought were vital to have at the moment. next up is recovering all my throw pillows. then curtains for our kitchen windows. i already have all the fabric, now i just need to do it!

my mom and i have also been working on the bedding for the nursery. and by we, i mean, she sews and i talk to her and distract her so she mis-measures, we run out of fabric, and have to go to canton to buy more. oops.

so we went to canton this past weekend (for the fabric). it was 28 degrees and snowed on the way. we thought if we layered enough and stayed in the pavillion buildings then we'd be warm enough. well, oh my gosh were we ever wrong. it was so darn miserable cold! we got the fabric, hit a couple of our other favorite booths, had lunch in a heated place, and left not too long after!

all that to say, our plan is to finish the bedding this week! so excited! here's a sneak peak of the blanket..

this is all the fabric laid out before we sewed it together. the bumper pad is probably my favorite part so far. but i won't show it till it's all done!

the nursery is coming along quite nicely, but still not done. i want to get it done soon though! we are having the hardest time finding a rocking chair! not a glider. just a plain rocker. everyone thinks were crazy for wanting one, but i just do. well apparently stores don't hardly carry them anymore! that will be the last thing we need to finish off the nursery. but i'm sure i'll piddle some more in there till she gets here!

other new year's goals...

learn to play the piano.

we got an old, beat up ("vintage") piano from the christian school, because i have always wanted to learn how to play. and this would for sure be the cheapest piano we'd ever find. so we jumped on it. well that was months and months (and months) ago. and i still don't know a dang thing. so it was one of my goals to at least attempt to learn a few things. i have bought a "how to teach yourself piano" book. and it is sitting on the piano, ready to teach me, but i still haven't read it. we'll work on that too.

another goal was grow a baby.

well this is one goal, in which we are doing quite well.

this picture was actually taken 2 weeks ago (at 30 weeks), and i thought that it would be up to date "size wise" but now that i look at it, i have definitely grown since then! (another to do list, take more pregnancy pics!) (i'm currently 32 weeks by the way).

i had a doctor's appointment this past week, and everything is still going great. i am having no problems gaining weight. like at all. i gained 5 lbs since my last appt, and i was thinking "5 lbs in 4 weeks, that's not terrible". well..i forgot that my appt's are closer together now, so it was actually 5 lbs in 2.5 weeks!! oh dang. maybe we should be a little more careful about what we eat, and cut down on the ice cream.

baby is still looking great. we had a sono at the last appointment and her legs measured 2 weeks older than the rest of her body!! those would be her father's. and when the nurse got a picture of her face she said "oh my gosh, she has really big lips!". those would be her mother's!

i'm very curious to see what this little one looks like. we're trying to decide whether to do a 3d sono. i think we're going to, i just need to call and make an appt because we're running out of time!

and so kyle doesn't feel left out of the dear family blog, here is a picture of him with the men of the family..

this picture was taken after andrew's 6th birthday party. fake mustaches were one of the party favors. well, it turned out the adults liked them more than anyone. and this is definitely the creepiest kyle has ever looked. like that face, please stop!

oh and by the way..andrew is 6! that is crazy! we started dating just a few months before he was born, he cannot possibly be 6 years old!

well, this post was definitely all over the place. but it has summed up the last month. and be expecting a post next week (or month). we'll see!