Monday, June 11, 2012

play time.

lately, i have been so consumed with trying to soak up my kids, and remember each and every detail about our life right now. i just don't want to forget anything! even though i know i will, because i can barely remember kade being a newborn! it just seemed to all fly by.

so when i have the time, i just try to sit and watch the kids play. and take lots of pictures of them. this particular morning, kade woke up before jillian, so it was just the two of us playing for awhile.

 i want to remember how much kade loves this farm. and how his chubby little fingers grab the animals.

 and how he doesn't really know how to actually play with the farm. he usually just flips it over and over.

 and that he has one of the cutest baby smiles, i've ever seen.

and i just can't get enough of him.