Wednesday, December 31, 2008

our house!

here is the much belated post about our new house.
i wanted to wait till everything was done (well, almost everything) before posting a bunch of pictures.

the move from college station was not too bad, although we had many more possessions than we realized. it took my car, kyle's durango, and my mom's car completely packed out. the nelsons brought a trailer that was completely loaded down with our furniture. and we even had a couple pieces of furniture in the back of the shavers truck. fun times.

here are pictures of mine and kyle's cars on the way home..

now for the house...
sorry there are a million pictures, people have been asking to see them!

the living room:

the kitchen:

our bedroom:
this dresser we got off the side of the road and completely re-did. well on the way from college station, it lost a top drawer, so we improvised. it now has baskets instead of drawers!

our bathroom:

the extra bedroom. (andrew and adelle have claimed this one)

this is the office/kyle's stuff room:

well there it is! we definitely still have work to do, but we're loving it how it is!
so if you're ever in town, stop by!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

happy graduation kyle!

as most of you know kyle graduated from a&m a couple weeks ago. and as usual, i am a little late in posting these. i have a good reason, i was waiting to get the pictures from kyle's parents, because his dad has a camera with a lens longer than my arm, so his pictures are way better than mine. when i get those pictures i will randomly post them. but for now, my pictures will suffice.

this was the morning of his graduation. there was one commencement speech made for all the grads in the morning. then all the graduations followed throughout the day. the speech was made by george w. bush!! it was so great to hear him speak, and was his last commencement speech he will make as president. it was quite an honor.

bush sr. and barbara were there also and made very short speeches.

actually george bush sr. got up before w. and said, "well, the president said to keep it short, so with no further adieu, the president of the united states of america."

we set the timer, which of course usually takes several pictures to get right. so the whole time we were doing this lola just stood right next to us and stared at us.
on a side note, she loves cameras. if you get the camera out she'll come up and sit right in front of you till you take a picture, then just walk away.

on our way to see the president!

this was right before we left for graduation!

that's kyle going across stage. can't you tell?

making sure its the real deal! kyle graduated cum laude. he figured out he was .01 points from magna cum laude! still quite well!

congratulations jeffrey!

just fyi, now kyle is employed as a rural lender by heritage land bank in greenville. he will loan to farmers for land, livestock, farm equipment and all that good stuff.

i'm pretty sure a cowboy hat is required in the job attire.

i'm so proud of dear. i'm so lucky =)

holiday cheer!

i have so much blogging to catch up on. so i've decided to do it one step at a time, and just blog about whatever i feel like it that day. so these won't be in the right order..

today will be on all the Christmas festivities!
this year was our first Christmas together as a married couple and it was so great! it was so exciting to wake up together in our own house and celebrate christmas with just the two of us. (we've already been married over 6 months! time flies)

on christmas morning! (please don't mind the just rolled out of bed look).

kyle opening his treasures!

kyle got me diamond earrings to match my wedding ring! i was so excited!! (although he did slightly break the spending limit. i don't know why we even set those anyways)

lola the reindeer!

on the 23rd all the jones kids, spouses, and grandkids spent the night at our parents. it was so much fun! we had sleeping bags and air mattresses everywhere. the kids thought this was amazing.
we woke up on the morning of the 24th and had christmas morning (my dad had to work the 25th). it was so much fun ..still exactly like it was when we were kids. we woke up and opened our stockings. then of course had monkey bread! mom made 8 bisquit cans of monkey bread! then we opened presents!
it was so great to be with all the family!

us in our matching pjs. every christmas my parents give all the boys and all the girls matching pjs. except its a surprise every year! =)

adelle got some make up for christmas and went into the bathroom to try it out herself!

andrew with his new suitcase to go visit the grandparents. (adelle got a pink one, of course)

mom was loading the dishwasher and turned around and lola had gotten in it.

lola sat like this on the top of ashleigh's chair looking out the window the whole time we were opening presents!

andrew and danny laying in all the wrapping paper

the traditional kids in the paper picture after all the festivities

we spent christmas day at the nelsons and shavers, but i don't have any pictures on my camera from the events. i'll have to wait and get some from the fam.

i hope all of your holidays were bright and merry!!

Thursday, December 25, 2008


merry christmas everyone!!!
i hope everyone's holidays are amazing!

and i've been a terrible blogger lately, but life has been so hectic.
we are moved into our house in greenville and loving it, but its been keeping us busy so far!
i'll post about life in a little more detail later!

merry christmas!

Friday, December 12, 2008

congrats dear!

kyle graduated from a&m tonight!
we saw george w. bush speak this morning!
its been a busy day!!
pictures of graduation and everything to follow at a later date.

congrats dear! i'm so proud of you!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Snow in College Station!!! and not like the fake icy sleet texas normally gets, these were huge snow flakes! so exciting!
when i got off work, it was coming down pretty good, but not much was sticking. well, when i woke up this afternoon, this is what i came out to:

right outside our front door. it was coming down pretty good!

so apparently lola loves snow! (although she hates rain. weird, i know) she just tries to eat as much as she can as fast as she can!

kyle with a snowman the kids at our apartments made!

me with a snowball =)

yay! the most wonderful time of the year!

Friday, December 5, 2008


one weekend, kyle and i were working in the house and it was 50 something degrees. so we're all bundled up painting. we could not get the heater to come on. something about the pilot not lighting.

kyle calls his dad to come over and take a look at it. they are up in the attic working on it while i stay in the kitchen painting.

i hear a crash..a very loud crash.

i think to myself..hmm..either my husband or father in law has just broken themselves.
i stay in the kitchen for a little longer, not wanting to intrude if something had gone wrong (because you know how men can be when things go wrong).

a couple minutes later, i go out in the garage where the attic door is open and just say "are yall alright up there?"

here they come down the stairs not saying a word.

then kyle says, "have you been in our bedroom?"
"no, the door was closed."
"well, you might want to go take a look."
i open the bedroom door to this sight:

i said, "oh my".
thoughts going through my head:
it can be fixed.
its just like the first scratch on a new car.
i wonder how much its going to cost to fix.
then kyle says, "it wasn't me. it was my dad."
i say, "oh"

i look down and see this:

sheet rock and insulation. guess whats under that insulation? an entire pan of fresh paint kyle had just poured out to start painting!!

so i go back to painting the kitchen. its like 9pm on a sunday night. nothing can be done about it now, might as well get the kitchen painted!
kyle's dad comes into the kitchen looking about as sick as i've ever seen him and says,
"i am so so sorry i just put a huge hole in your house"
"no big deal. don't worry about it. we'll get it fixed..."
" want a sun light anywhere else in your house? because i can take care of it!"

haha, needless to say the hole was completely fixed by tuesday! (two days later!) jeff had the contractor on the phone that night and had it fixed immediately! we thought we'd have to paint the ceiling but they matched it all and it looks perfect! you can't even tell there was a gaping hole in our ceiling!

not super funny at the time, but pretty hilarious now!

here's a picture where kyle's in the attic, and i'm in the bedroom. i guess we could have just put in a second attic door there!

so, jeff, drop in anytime!

working on the house!

every time we've gone to greenville, we've done as much work on the house. the goal was to have everything painted before we got any furniture in there..we're not going to make that goal. but we have gotten a lot done! we have had so much fun getting it all ready!!
progress so far..
here's me working on the red kitchen!

our brown living room. like the furniture? this is all we have in it yet, and we needed some where to sit and eat our taco bueno =) and that's lola under the table.

mom painting. she (and everyone else!) has helped soo much! like she's painted more than we have! thanks mom!!

so its coming along! we bought our new appliances and they're coming in this week!
merry christmas to us.
kyle was very precious to agree that the applicances would be our christmas to each other =)

we'll be living here in 8 days! so excited!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

blog catch up

i have been some what busy these last few weeks, and the blog was the first thing to go. sorry blog readers. but ashleigh at thanksgiving scolded me for being a bad blogger, so here i am trying to catch up. this will be a what we've been doing lately and i'll expand on each at a later date!

- i'm still working in the nursery at the med in college station
- kyle is still a student at a&m
- kyle graduates in 10 days!!!
- we move to greenville in 11 days!!!!!
- we have been going to greenville every free weekend to work on the house.
- we painted the living room brown (love it) and the kitchen red (getting to love it)
- kyle's dad was working in our attic and might have stepped through putting a 3 foot wide hole in the ceiling of our bedroom. not funny at the time, definitely funny now. and he had if fixed in 2 days! (i'll definitely explain that further at a later date)

so that was fast and furious, but it's just so ash will get off my blogging back! haha, just kidding!
i just got home from work and its 8:10am (yes, over an hour late getting home). so i am now going to sleep!!