Monday, October 18, 2010


jillian tried mashed up avocados at tamolly's the other day.

she was not a fan.

first thing we have found that she doesn't love. i don't know if it was the taste, texture, or what!

"you want me to eat avo-what?"

"i don't know, mom.."

"oh, i don't think i like this!"

"it's coming back out!"

"yeah, that's gross."

"i'm trying to be polite, but please stop feeding me that.."

Sunday, October 10, 2010

happy birthday kyle!

i took this picture of kyle at the gcs homecoming game on saturday. and i kinda love it.

he's such a good dad, and embraces the "dorky dad" thing.

he turns 24 today! we went to church this morning, then spent the day watching the rangers and cowboys (both lose!) we're hoping for a rangers rebound on tuesday!

on friday we went out on a date to four winds steakhouse. it's in the middle of nowhere in wills point. it was kinda nice to get away, just the two of us.

saturday, kyle got to sleep till noon while i took jillie garage sale shopping. then we went to our homecoming football game and watched the rangers game.


jeffrey, jillian and i are so lucky to have you! we love you so much and hope you had a great birthday!

we love you crazy!

Friday, October 8, 2010

the great state fair of texas!

last week, we went to the state fair!

the weather was perfect, and we had a lot of fun!

jillian seemed to soak it all up.

i think her two favorite things of the day were the petting zoo and riding on dad's shoulders!

jillie would just grab at the animals faces and laugh! she wasn't scared at all!

the rare picture of mom and dad these days.

she cruised all day with her feet on the "dash"

kyle's state fair corn dog

this is jillian's "corn dog"

i love this picture! jillian kinda likes her dad!

this was at the end of the day, and jillian was getting tired of the stroller. when kyle put her on his shoulders, she just squealed out of pure joy the whole time!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

six months!

we have made it to half a year!

jillian grace weighs 14 lbs 12 oz (25th percentile)
25 1/2 inches long (50th percentile).

quote from the dr: "she's very not normal, but in a really good way!" referring to how busy she is!

lots of new things are happening in the nelson casa.

jillian is crawling at full force for the past 2 weeks now. no more scooting. and she is right on the heels of her older cousins.

we set up the pack and play in our living room and have put her in "jail" to play. i was spending all day long chasing her around the house, and it was wearing me out! so we had to rein that in a little!

it took her a couple days to be happy playing in it, but she does pretty well now!

she loooves any tile floors! she makes a bee line for them whenever she gets a chance! then when she gets there she just does a spread eagle and lays there.

she now pulls up on the side of her crib! the problem is, her mattress had not been lowered, so we had to do that asap! she was sleeping in the pack and play in her room, until that got done, because she is a little too crazy to be trusted not to take a flying leap out of her bed!

she started crying in the middle of the night, and we usually let her cry it out, and she is back to sleep in about 5-10 minutes. well she started doing this really weird scream, so i told kyle i was going to go check on her. i'm glad a did, she was standing straight up! it kinda freaked me out!

i thought maybe it was a fluke. so i put her back in the bed, and within 30 seconds she was standing up again.

so i had to do a little furniture re-arranging in the middle of the night, until we were able to lower the mattress, which is kind of a pain.

while i was getting her pack and play ready, she was on the floor and she pulled up on my legs. so, once she got the hang of it, she took off!

she still eats great! she gets cereal twice a day, with a vegetable mixed in at dinner time, then usually nurses the rest of the day. today she tried a fruit for the first time, pears. she loved them too, but not much more than she loves veggies. the girl will eat anything!

if she's getting a bottle, she usually wants to hold it herself. all grown up!

this morning she started saying "da-da" on command! not sure if it was just a fluke deal, but she did it over and over. i got it on video, but i don't know how to get my videos from my cell phone to here, so just imagine it being really cute!

last week, we went to the state fair and had a lot of fun. the weather was perfect, and jillie seemed to be in awe of everything she saw. post on that will come..(as usual).

the last several days she has been a terrrrrible sleeper!! she goes to sleep great! she'll just lay right down and go to sleep. but then she is up every couple of hours in the night! it's kinda wearing us out, and i'm hoping this is a very very short phase!

now it's about time for me to go lay a little peanut down for a nap!

ok, so this was written the first week of october, and i forgot to post it.

up to date real life..

the girls talks/sings non stop! her favorite and only word is still da-da. and she still doesn't quite know what she's saying.

she eats fruits and vegetables with cereal once/twice a day. she loves everything. i tried to explore out side of the baby food jar, and mashed up some avocados for her. she was not a fan!

she is pulling up on everything!!! baskets are her favorite thing right now.

we definitely need to start baby proofing the house better.

today i found her with scissors. no idea where from. (#1 mom!) haha.

so yeah, i shouldn't be blogging, i should be removing anything dangerous from 2 feet above the ground!

does this face not say MISCHIEF!?