Monday, September 7, 2009

a very looong weekend!

when i thought of having a long weekend this week, i was thinking a weekend with an extra day for labor day! we didn't quite get what i had in mind!

as many of you (and most of greenville) know, the nelsons were somewhat put through the ringer this weekend.

jeff (kyle's dad) had a heart attack early friday afternoon. drove himself to the greenville ER, was careflighted to baylor, and there, had 2 stents placed. it all happened so fast, it was hard to even process. from the time he walked into the greenville ER to the time his stents were placed in the cath lab at baylor, only 80 minutes had passed. that is incredible! as aweful as a heart attack is, it was actually the best scenario, and jeff came out without any damage to the heart! the Lord is good to us!

jeff will get 2 more stents in a couple of weeks to the other side of the heart. the doctor didn't want to do too much at once and weaken the whole heart. thankfully, these will be planned!

this being one of the more terrible things we've gone through, it turned into a sweet (although exhausting) time for the family. everyone came a little closer this weekend. the family, especially beth, did phenomenal throughout the whole time, and it was good to see the Lord offer that little bit of extra strength needed.

times like this make you very grateful for family, especially that family member. so jeff, thanks for being a great dad. and we're so excited for you to be our kids' granddad! you'll be 1 of 4 amazing grandparents, and we are so blessed!