Tuesday, May 3, 2011


the weekend before easter, we made a whirlwind trip to tennessee for shannon's wedding!

we went back and forth with whether or not to take jillian, but decided since it was easter weekend, and we were going to try and make it back to church on sunday, it would be much happier for everyone involved if she stayed with the nelsons. (and i'm sure she had much more fun there!)

we left on friday at 5am and made the 10 hour drive. ("we" driving = kyle driving).

on the way, we saw the casey jones museum and village, so we had to stop. it was a little general store, restaurant, and ice cream shop, but kyle said it was really just a glorified cracker barrel. we did buy jillian one of those wooden train whistles, and it says "little toot" on it. seemed fitting!

we made it to our hotel in nashville that afternoon, and took a nap before going out to dinner.

we spent most of the evening around the vanderbilt campus, it has the cutest little shops, and open air restaurants, so we ate dinner there, and lunch the next day.

after dinner we went and saw (drove by) the grand ole opry. then walked through downtown nashville, which was fun to see.

on saturday, we found a cupcake shop called "gigi's cupcakes" so we knew we had to get beth some for keeping jillian all weekend. (gigi is her grandma name..and she does love a good cupcake!) then we got to the wedding and they had gigi's cupcakes for their wedding cake! too funny! needless to say, one giant cupcake a day was enough for me!

saturday was gorgeous weather and the perfect day for an outdoor wedding. the wedding was in some family friend's backyard, and it was so pretty!

{love this picture of shannon and her dad!}

{bride and groom}

{love the simple 'pom poms'. i told shannon that was going to make some to
decorate our next nursery if it's another girl!}

{you may kiss the bride}

{and they lived happily every after!}

{us after the wedding, no.2 came along, and this was the first time i was
noticeably pregnant..to me, at least!}

after the wedding, we left for the long drive home at 6pm. hannah and alison rode with us, and kyle drove the whole way again!

we reminisced on old days for 10 hours straight, laughed until we cried, and even sang some songs from children's choir! good times!

we crawled into bed at 5am and we so so sleepy! but it was well worth the trip!

neither one of us had ever been to tennessee, but we really liked it, and i think we'll go back!