Wednesday, September 29, 2010

take me out to the ball game!

we took jillian to her first rangers game this week!

we l-o-v-e the rangers and we went to games as kids, so it's only natural that this is something we want to do with our kids!

and who doesn't love going to a baseball game!?

also, jillie was born on the rangers opening day, and they've clinched a playoff spot, so she must be a good luck charm =)

we didn't get there until the 3rd inning because traffic was terrible!! but we made it all the way till the end of the game, which is better than we expected!

the rangers lost, but we still had fun!

if you know me, you know i never put shoes on my child, so she was obsessed with her little tennis shoes!

i think this picture is just so precious. she looks so grown up! (and she sits like a pro now!)

she rode in the baby bjorn for awhile. always nice to have both hands to juggle hot dogs and drinks!

sweet family time!
j and mommy
j and daddy

someone is getting very sleepy!

she "helped" carry the drink all the way to the car! no jillie, you cannot have coke. not ever.


we had so much fun taking jillie to her first game. it's definitely different when a baby tags along. kyle said 'that is the most emotionally uninvolved i've ever been in a game!"

this will have to be a yearly tradition!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

five months!

it seems like these monthly posts are all i'm getting to these days.

jillian is five months old.

apparently she thinks she is like eight months old, and we need to put a stop to that. real quick.

taking those chair pictures is a two man job now. she'll crawl right off the chair! so kyle is the "catcher" just in case she takes a dive!

she wants to crawl sooo badly! she can scoot (or army crawl) wherever she wants. she hasn't discovered there's life outside of the livingroom yet, so we are grateful for that. but i'm afraid it won't be long. she has crawled a couple times. for the most part, she gets up on all fours, and wiggles for awhile, then just drops back to her tummy and scoots.

we are really trying to practice sitting up, because i'm afraid if she can crawl before she can sit up, then she'll never take the time to sit still long enough to sit up!

kyle assures me that we will make sure she can sit in a chair before she goes to kindergarten. he said "kaci, it's not like we're going to carry her into the classroom, put her in a chair and she just slides out! she will learn to sit up!"

still, we're practicing. and she's getting pretty good. with the tiniest bit of support she does great. with no support, she does pretty good, but falls over after a little bit.

this girl is soo happy! i just can't get enough of her!

this girl looooves the bath! i think i say that each month, but it seems she likes it more each day. now when we go into the bathroom, she knows it's coming and gets all excited. i can't keep her on her back in the tub any more. i put her in and she flips right over.

it looks like she's swimming laps! she goes from end to end chasing toys!

being on her tummy in water seems dangerous, but i'm always within arms reach. and holding her down on her back in water seems a little more dangerous, so there.

in the last couple days she has started putting her face under water. which sounds good, but she doesn't pull it back out!! so now i'm on super alert! the good thing is, she isn't scared of water one bit!

we had our first sick spell this past week. that's one reason this post is a little late. jillie was not happy long enough to take her "monthly pictures". (kyle kinda made fun of me, but he really loves the monthly pics).

we knew she wasn't feeling well when she fell asleep on kyle like this!

she just had a little runny nose, and cough. no fever. it really wasn't that bad, until she would try to go to sleep, then she couldn't breathe and would get fussy, cry, snotty nose got know the drill. so she was just a fussy girl for a few days there.

last week was her first trip out of the state! we went to kansas! woo hoo! we went to see dan, ashleigh, and izzie. the trip was low key. we just hung out, did a little shopping, a little crafting, and the babies did a lot of playing!

izzie wasn't too sure what to think of jillie. when they left texas, jillie would just lay there and let izzie mess with her. now jillie is coming back with a vengeance. she is on the move, and a toy stealer!

izzie warmed a quickly and they had a ball! she did still think jillie was her baby though! in the car, she would hold her hand, and help feed her. too cute!

funny story about this picture. we lost jillie's blanket at our hotel. as we were driving out of the parking lot the next morning, it was hanging on a street sign! thankfully someone was nice enough to hang it up there, because we kinda just thought it was lost in the car. i'd be a sad momma if we got back to texas without it!

more big news..jillian is now a big cousin!!!!

danny and chelle had their baby last night!

haylie rae jones! 5 lbs 11 oz! 18.5 inches long!

here's a picture of that sweet thing, many more pictures to come!

so that was a long post! i guess we've had a busy couple of weeks around here!

so until next time..
we're outta here!