Thursday, January 15, 2009

poison ivy!!

when i was a kid i would get poison ivy a couple times a year! not like..oh i have a rash on my arms and legs. was more like..

poison ivy is in my ears, mouth, and all over my scalp.
my eyes swell shut.
and i miss a week of school.

one time i had it we went to the doctor because it was just gettting worse and worse. it was all in my mouth and i was swollen up like a beach ball. the doctor said "now if it spreads down your throat and you are unable to breathe, go to the emergency room."

thanks for the advice, doc.

well..i haven't had it in forever! probably since before junior high. the doctor said you can outgrow allergies, so i just figured that's what happened.

not hardly.

kyle, lola, and i went on a walk the other day. there's a field behind our house so we were just walking around and to see what was out there.

everything was dead. nothing green at all.

well, apparently there was some green poison ivy out there hiding from me.

and i usually look for it because i know the great harm it causes my body.

i had on capri sweat pants and a hoodie. so every inch of my skin that was not covered by clothing is now covered by poison ivy. its kinda funny, there are 2 strips of poison ivy around my ankles right where my pants stopped. on my hands. and ALL OVER MY FACE!

i am now on around the clock prednisone (steroid) and benadryl. so its getting a lot better.

yesterday i slept till 1 pm, got up, watched tv, went back to sleep at 2:30 and didn't wake up till kyle got home from work at 6!

some people may think that i am exaggerating about the extent of my swollen face. so i am going to humble myself and show you a picture. i can't really believe i'm actually letting people see me like this.

here's what i looked like when i woke up yesterday morning:

haha. you kinda just have to laugh. or cry! oh and side note. my lips are swollen so huge from the poison ivy. (i'm sure ashleigh will insert some joke about the jones girls' huge lips). i look like i got the crap beat out of me in a fight!!

so there you go. that picture will be your encouragment to stay away from poison ivy.

i will now leave you with a less disturbing picture:
me today. still quite puffy. buy my eyes can open. and i look like a human.

we're making progress.

Monday, January 5, 2009


keep heidi and brent and the kids in your prayers.

they lost their baby last night, so her and brent spent most of the night and day in the hospital.

she's at home resting now.

sad day.

lola lola lola

doesn't this look like the sweetest most innocent dog in the world?well, it's not.

our dear dog.
excuse me..kyle's dear dog.
she has been soo good since we moved into the new house!
she has had only one accident (one wheetle in boshart terms) in the house since we've been here!

since she has been doing so well, we've been letting her stay out in the laundry room just w a blanket and some toys. and she has not had one accident or chewed anything up or anything!!

well today was my first day at work, and kyle's second day. but we weren't even gone that long. we both had to be at work at 8, kyle came home on his lunch break, and i was home at 4. so she was only in there for four hours at a time! she's been in there waaay longer than that!

this is what i came home to...
that is a hole. in the wall. and a pile of powdered sheetrock on the floor.

how does one chew a hole in a wall!? i don't know. at least its in the laundry room and not in the middle of our living room or something more trafficky!

she's back in the kennel for awhile. but when she gets her laundry room privileges back, we will be setting up a video camera to see what she really does in there!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

happy new year!!!

i cannot believe it's already 2009!

actually, i can, because for some odd reason i have thought it was 2009 all year. not completely, but i've caught myself several times thinking it was already '09!

we rang in the new year in dallas at victory park (right outside american airlines center). it was soo fun! everyone should go next year. it is definitely the closest thing texas will ever have to times square.

we started the night off with several friends eating at jonny carinos in took 3 1/2 hours to eat there! it wasn't the greatest situation, but we didn't let it ruin our night.

then we got on the dart train in garland and rode to west end. that was definitely a good idea. because traffic was a nightmare!! we had friends that tried to drive to victory park and didn't make it till after midnight because traffic was soo bad!

this is on the dart, on the way there

part of our group. we were squished together so tight!

lots of people!
happy new year!