Wednesday, June 22, 2011

zoo's who!?

"zoo's who!?" is not random. it's one of jillian's favorite books, so i thought it an appropriate title.

we had been wanting to take jillie to the zoo before it got to be unbearably hot, but every weekend has been filled to the max! we finally got a chance a couple weeks ago (yes, i'm late..these are all my re-cap posts).

and no, we did not go early enough to beat the heat!

we decided to go to the tyler zoo, because it's smaller, and at jillian's age, she really doesn't need any more than that!

neither kyle or i had been in forever, so we didn't remember exactly what it was like, so we were all pumped!

we decided to go on a sunday, because we didn't have an open saturday in forever, so in thinking this would be an all day affair, we skipped church and headed out that morning. took like 2 hours to see the whole zoo! and we were taking our time!

i'm not complaining, it's the perfect size when you have younger kids! we just now know that we can go to church, then lunch at mercados (yum), and still have time to see the zoo!

we had a lot of fun, and jillie, of course, loved it!

her favorite thing was the birds. they were squawking really loudly and she would just laugh and talk back. or just say "oh wow!"

her other favorite thing was the "petting zoo" which was just a bunch of goats.

she went around and touched every single one! and called them all puppies!

{this is her "i'm so excited i can't contain myself" look!}

{this was zoomed in way closer than expected, but i kinda like it!}

{when we got home, we headed to kyle's parents to swim and cool off. check out j's sweet goggles! she wore them for like an hour!}

it was a great family fun day and we will definitely be going back! just maybe when it's a little cooler.

we're trying to squeeze in extra "family fun days" before #2 gets here, to soak up these last few months we have with jillie girl.

Monday, June 20, 2011

we're still here!!

{", don't we have a blog?"}

poor blog. so neglected.

to say our lives have been a little hectic would be quite an understatement!

i cannot believe i have not posted since april! soo much has happened since then!

here's the rundown..

we celebrated mother's day.

moved into our new house and did a ton of work! lots of tile, lots of painting, and lots of boxes to still be unpacked! but we are really loving it!

we took jillian to the zoo for the first time and she loved it!

we've been swimming just about every other day.

jillian started and dropped out of mother's day out in one month! oh boy..

we found out we are having a BOY! and we are thrilled!

we just went with my family to south padre, and jillian absolutely loved the beach!

we just celebrated father's day, with a very low key day, although i felt bad because i had to work. jillian ended up spending the night at kyle's parents, so kyle had a quiet night at home. (which sounds quite excellent to me!)

we may be going to galveston this weekend with kyle's family, we haven't decided yet.

so yeah, that's our month! i so need to back track and re-cap on these things!