Tuesday, February 10, 2009

another lola story

i promise i am not a weird dog person. at all.

i'm not a "oh my gosh i love my dog like my baby"

i barely like dogs.

kyle had to beg me to agree to get lola.

this dog just keeps us either laughing or cussing.

so the latest..

last night, we decided to let lola sleep free in the house, not in the crate. this is a first time thing.

mainly because we were already in bed and didn't want to get back up to put her away.

she also has metal tags on so we hear every move.

all night long we did not hear a sound. she stayed on the couch all night (which i'm not crazy about, but if she behaves i'm ok). so i get up at 5:45 for work and she is still on the couch. has not moved one inch. well it's dark in the house. so she gets up and goes straight outside to go to the bathroom.

i'm praising her the whole time. thinking its such a miracle she behaved this well.

i'm running a little late so i have my bags and keys in my hands and as i am walking out the door i go thru the living room and look at the couch. oh my..

you would not believe what happened.

our sweet puppy had gone into heat ON MY COUCH!

i did not have one minute to spare so i just told kyle what happened and ran out the door.

our couches are fabric, so yes it soaked in.

no, you cannot take the covers off to wash.

and no you cannot flip the cushions.


we've washed it out with hydrogen peroxide, and we're waiting for it to dry to see what it will look like for real.

maybe we'll just have to get new furniture =)

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Nathaniel & Bethany Roszhart said...

NOOOOO WAYYYY! Your poor couch! Keep the Lola stories coming!