Friday, May 22, 2009

kyle's new found talent...

normally following "kyle's new found talent.." there would be some joke, or new bodily function he's discovered, but not this time. this time it's for real!

we were riding in the car one day, and kyle says "i would love to build a guitar. my dream job would be to build guitars and sell them."

so i reply, "well, why don't you just build a guitar then?"

he says, "you know, i think i will."

so the journey begins.

this just so happened to be about the same time i started working nights. so it was very convenient that kyle all of a sudden had a project to work on with his dad every night i worked.

here's the very beginning stages. pieces of black walnut and oak in the middle to start the body of the guitar.

much further down the road, we have the final shape. it just needs finishing and wiring. (and a few other details.)

the finished product...

drum roll please..

ta da!! i love it! isn't it pretty!? all hand made!

i believed in you all along, dear! but i'm not going to lie, it's much better than i even thought it would be!

so the obsession has begun, he's already on his second one!! who knows, maybe this will turn into a guitar selling blog!! haha..right..


beccaellis said...

Dang. that's the most beautiful guitar I've ever seen. But. Does it play? What does Kyle think about the sound? Is he happy with it? Very very cool. Building a guitar, to me sounds like saying you are going to make a rocket and go to the moon. I can't imagine being able to do that without tons of special tools. But, well, Kyle can so next time I need an awesome guitar, I'll call him.

the nelsons said...

thanks! (kyle is flattered, but refuses to blog). he's very happy with how it sounds. it's made to be like a fender telecaster, so it sounds a little more twangy. like country. but he really likes it!