Sunday, June 14, 2009

where has a year gone?

we haven't changed much in a year!

kyle and i have been married a year today!

i never thought a year would pass this fast!

it seems like it was just yesterday that we were at the church getting ready to get married! i remember waking up and i was exhausted but soo excited! it was pouring down rain! thank goodness, it completely stopped raining and the sun came out just a couple hours before the wedding!

it was the most amazing day! i remember trying to remember every detail, and it all went by so fast! i wouldn't trade anything about the day!

kyle, this has been a crazy year! starting in college station, you still in school, and me working. then moving to greenville, and we're both working, me nights. it has been a little hectic, but i love our life! i can't wait to see what's coming next!

i love you so much! i love living every day with you and i wouldn't trade it for anything! you make me so happy! thanks for loving me!

happy anniversary!

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Kristyn said...

Happy Anniversary!!! wow, i can't believe it's been a year! I know that sounds cliche, but it's true!
Hope you enjoyed your day!