Thursday, October 22, 2009

we're getting back together

me and my blog. we've made amends, and have decided to get back together.

the blog is just so easy to give up when i get tired of it, then i feel bad for not doing it after i started. i didn't really think anyone was really missing it, until i was over at my parent's house and my dad was on the computer and he said, "kaci, you haven't written anything in your book lately!". (book=blog). so, i decided to get back to it.

what have we been up to?

-- we have made several short trips to austin in the last couple of months. kyle goes for these class/meetings for work. i just go along for fun and to hang out for a couple days. its like lots of little getaways and we try to do fun things, knowing that our schedules won't be quite so flexible, come march. we're trying to get all the chill, hang out, do whatever we want time in that we can.

-- we went on a weekend camping trip to tyler state park with the church's keystone group. it's college/career/young married group. or that's what it has become! it was so fun! very chilly! but that makes sitting around the fire all bundled up in blankets all the better.

-- kyle turned 23 on october 10th! we were actually on our camping trip. we didn't have a cake, but we did light a marshmallow on fire and sing happy birthday. kyle has been wanting new cowboy boots for quite awhile now, and he finally got them! so happy i could be with you another year, jeffrey!

-- and we have been growing a baby! we are 17 weeks now and everything is moving along quite nicely. i think God has given me the easiest pregnancy ever, and i am so grateful! we did a sono this past week and tried to find the sex out but the baby did not show us "what we wanted to see"! so we still wait in anticipation to find out!!

-- we have several sono pictures and we need to scan and post them, but we haven't gotten around to that. during one sono, the baby was sucking it's thumb the whole time, so sweet! and i would totally be fine with having a thumb sucker!

-- in november we are going on vacation to san diego!! we are soo excited! we wanted to take one more vacation, just the two of us, before the baby comes. we wanted a very low key trip, so we chose san diego, and we haven't really planned what we're doing when we get there. besides the zoo, of course!!

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Kristyn said...

When you go to San Diego, go to an area called La Jolla (pronounced La Hoya)...beautiful area with beaches, parks, seals, etc. :) and eat a restaurant that overlooks the Pacific! There's lots to choose from.