Tuesday, January 5, 2010

year in pictures

2009 has been a great year for our little nelson clan.

it has been a pretty chill year for us, but at the same time, a ton of new and exciting things happened!

we started 2009 at the big new year's eve party in downtown dallas.

in january we had just moved into our first house, and started our careers the first week of january! i started my job as a nurse in the nursery here in greenville, and kyle became a loan officer at heritage land bank.

we both enjoy what we do, which is quite of a blessing!! i know not everyone can say that. although we don't always love going to work, we are so grateful that we have these jobs!

february and march passed without too much going on.

april brought us a new niece, izzie.

heidi and i went on a road trip with the kids to kansas to meet izzie and stayed there for a few days!

summer was filled with lazy days at the lake, long days of swimming, and doing a whole lot of nothing! (besides the whole working thing!)

kyle built his very first guitar, and quickly moved along to building his second!

in june we celebrated our 1 year anniversary!

in celebration, we decided to jump out of an airplane!

in july, we went to a friend's wedding. after the wedding some old friends came over to our house to hang out till the wee hours of the morning.

then at 4 o'clock that morning, we found out we were going to be parents for the first time, and our lives will forever be changed!!

september brought a weekend that was supposed to be spent at the lake with all of kyle's extended family (celebrating his grandparent's 50th wedding anniversary). instead, it took quite a turn and was spent with lots of family in the hospital. his dad had a heart attack, and put us all in quite a shock. but praise the Lord, he came out the other side even better!

early fall passed with doctor's appointments, gaining weight, and sleeping all the time!!

at the end of october, we found out our baby was going to be a girl!! and decided to name her jillian grace.

in november, we took a vacation to san diego, just the two of us, and had an amazing time! we did a whole lot of relaxing + chillin' = chillaxin'.

thanksgiving and christmas were both spent hanging out with family.

we brought in the new year, by going to eat italian food in rockwall with danny, chelle, and ashleigh. pretty low key. we were home by 11 pm. so we decided to just watch tv until midnight, so we wouldn't be super lame.

we toasted the new year with welch's grape juice =)

here we are in 2010!

i'm so excited for what this year will bring!

i can't wait to meet our little girl in just a few short months. i can't imagine what that will be like!

i loved 2009 and hope to love 2010 even more! can't wait!

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