Saturday, July 24, 2010

three months

now i know jillian is almost 4 months, but we couldn't skip month #3 altogether!

this girl is too funny! she loves to laugh, but looks a little funny doing it! she has the most expressive little face. she smiles all the way up to her eyebrows!

she's made major strides this month!
-she sleeps on her tummy full time. about 9pm-6am. we're very happy with her sleep!
-went on her first vacation and did amazing!
-she has started reaching for toys and really interacting.
-she has started belly laughing and it is soo cute! you really have to work for it though!
- she weighs 11 lbs 11 oz (on july 3rd)

-she is still breastfeeding 99.9% of the time.
-she had to get formula for the first time (which made me sad), but has only had 2 formula bottles.
-i went back to work for the first time, which was an adjustment. i was sad to leave her, but it was a little nice to get to do something different!
-although, jillie gave kyle a run for his money that night!
-i am so blessed, i am only working 1 night a week for now.
-we found out she is a bit strong willed. she goes on "nursing strikes" where she refuses to nurse! the first time she did this was when i got home from work. i believe she was holding a grudge!

(hi mom!)
love her dimple!

ok, i'm done with this photo session!

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