Tuesday, August 26, 2008

5 years ago!

yesterday was the 5 year anniversary of mine and kyle's first date! time flies! i cannot believe that we have been together that long!! (and married just over 2 months!)

here is the first picture of us taken after we started dating (this isn't on our first date)
we were so dorky!! but i guess it worked out! =)

here's the story of our first date..

earlier in the week, kyle had asked me to go on a date that saturday night. well, i knew that saturday morning and afternoon i was going shopping with my mom, ali, libby rook, kyle's mom, beth, and his sister sara, but i figured we'd be back on time for the date, so i of course said yes!

well that saturday came, and all us girls were in frisco shopping, and my mom said, "well, kaci and i have to leave early, because she's got a big date!"

beth (kyle's mom) says, "oh my gosh, that's so exciting! who are you going on a date with!?"

i thought she was joking, considering it was her son!!

well she was not.

so i had to say, "umm..well, i'm going out with kyle.." (medium awkward)

thankfully, she replied, "oh my gosh! now i'm even more excited!"

kyle had not told his own mom!!!

so my mom and i left early to come back to greenville, so we could go out. i get all ready, thinking that i looked quite nice. i was wearing just jeans and this bandana shirt that heidi gave me. looking back i was like, wow, i wasn't looking quite as good as i thought. i still have that shirt, but would never ever wear it again! kyle comes to pick me up and the poor boy is wearing a bright orange trix cereal shirt, khaki shorts, and converse high top bright red and black shoes! he was a looker! i guess since his mom was still shopping, she couldn't help him with his outfit choice! (i still make fun of him for this!)

we went to tony's, and had super awkward conversation, then went to a movie (what else do you do in greenville!?) we went and saw "my boss's daughter". it wasn't great, but it was the only thing showing we thought would be good!

well, and the rest is history!!

5 years later..

we both had to work yesterday and didn't get off till around 8 so we were exhausted and didn't really want to go anywhere (pretty lame i know). then we checked the mail, and got a card and restaurant gift card from our amazing grandparents (the shavers)! it was a "just because" surprise, that came at the perfect timing! we were so excited, so we ended up going to eat and renting a movie (our favorite date!)

jeffrey kyle,
i have loved every single minute of being your girlfriend, fiance', and wife!
you're my favorite!
love you till the end!!


Kristyn said...

Way to go Shaver Grandparents!!!! that's awesome!

Dan and Ashleigh and Baby said...

5 years!!! Dan and I still haven't been together 5 years! HAHAHA!

Bethany Roszhart said...

Isn't it fun being married to your high school sweetheart and having all those memories from WAY BACK WHEN!? :) Y'all are awesome!