Monday, August 11, 2008

Lola Nelson!

meet lola nelson!

we've been looking around for a bulldog for awhile now, but they're pretty expensive and we couldn't justify spending that much, so yesterday we found an add for part english bulldog, part pug, also known as mini bulldogs. we were excited (kyle was very excited, i was following), and we drove to austin to pick her up. we were a little disappointed that she doesn't look more like a bulldog, but she's pretty cute, still!

so here's our little family!

jeffrey kyle and lola bonding.

we left around 5 pm to pick her up in austin, and when we got there, the lady who was supposed to meet us wouldn't pick up her phone. great. so we drove all this way and now we're just stuck there. we ended up spending an hour at whataburger and big lots.

she finally called us and was like, "did someone try to call me from this phone?".

kyle was like, "umm..yeah..about 10 times. we're supposed to buy a dog from you!"

she acted like she didn't really remember talking to us at all (like 2 hrs before!)

it ended up that the lady who called us back was the sister of the one we had talked to before. good thing, because we were going to be medium peeved if we drove all that way, waited an hour, and still came home with no dog!

but it had a happy ending =)


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the fam baby lola! We can't wait to meet our newest niece/cuz! I can't decide which of you she most resembles, maybe she's a good blend! :)

the nelsons said...

haha! umm..i think she looks like kyle. nothing like me!