Thursday, January 1, 2009

happy new year!!!

i cannot believe it's already 2009!

actually, i can, because for some odd reason i have thought it was 2009 all year. not completely, but i've caught myself several times thinking it was already '09!

we rang in the new year in dallas at victory park (right outside american airlines center). it was soo fun! everyone should go next year. it is definitely the closest thing texas will ever have to times square.

we started the night off with several friends eating at jonny carinos in took 3 1/2 hours to eat there! it wasn't the greatest situation, but we didn't let it ruin our night.

then we got on the dart train in garland and rode to west end. that was definitely a good idea. because traffic was a nightmare!! we had friends that tried to drive to victory park and didn't make it till after midnight because traffic was soo bad!

this is on the dart, on the way there

part of our group. we were squished together so tight!

lots of people!
happy new year!


The Carters said...

Wasn't it so fun! It looks like you were standing right by my apartment!
Happy New Year!

the nelsons said...

we were right by your apartment. we saw michael standing on the balcony from where we were!

The Carters said...
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