Monday, January 5, 2009

lola lola lola

doesn't this look like the sweetest most innocent dog in the world?well, it's not.

our dear dog.
excuse me..kyle's dear dog.
she has been soo good since we moved into the new house!
she has had only one accident (one wheetle in boshart terms) in the house since we've been here!

since she has been doing so well, we've been letting her stay out in the laundry room just w a blanket and some toys. and she has not had one accident or chewed anything up or anything!!

well today was my first day at work, and kyle's second day. but we weren't even gone that long. we both had to be at work at 8, kyle came home on his lunch break, and i was home at 4. so she was only in there for four hours at a time! she's been in there waaay longer than that!

this is what i came home to...
that is a hole. in the wall. and a pile of powdered sheetrock on the floor.

how does one chew a hole in a wall!? i don't know. at least its in the laundry room and not in the middle of our living room or something more trafficky!

she's back in the kennel for awhile. but when she gets her laundry room privileges back, we will be setting up a video camera to see what she really does in there!

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