Tuesday, November 10, 2009

we heart fall

around the nelson household, we are soo glad to see fall come around each year!

i don't know if it's because the summers in texas can be exhausting, take your breath away, so dang hot, or if it's just a nice change to get all your favorite sweaters and coats out again.

ok, so the sweaters and coats may be my favorite part.

but i do also love me some pumpkin spice candles.

and leaving the windows open 24/7, and waking up to your room being all crisp and cool in the morning.

to celebrate fall, we got together with danny and chelle one night to carve pumpkins and eat pizza. we found out that we actually had quite the pumpkin carving skills!

my pumpkin, the haunted house

kyle's cute little ghost

danny's creepster peaking thru the blinds

and chelle definitely won the cutest with her little monster!

we weren't super creative or festive, so we didn't dress up for halloween this year. instead, we hung out at heidi and brent's house and helped man the trick or treat station on their porch for the insane number of trick or treaters!!! (i was going to say insane number of kids, but that doesn't apply, because you would be surprised how many adults were out for free candy. or maybe i was just surprised).

so we've kept it pretty low key, just hanging out with family!

happy fall yall!

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