Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

i love thanksgiving! it might just be my favorite holiday! it's hard to pick one. it's just so great to hang out with family all day and do a whole lot of nothing!

this year i'm thankful for..
my dear husband, and our sweet little girl on the way.
vacation! we just got back from san diego, and had a great time. will post on that later.
our family. i love each and every one of them, in their own special way. some very special. haha.
sleeping in! although i'm having a hard time this morning.
our cozy bed to lay in, even when i can't sleep =)
my job and kyle's job!
our dog, who is a goofball, and most of the time i don't really like. who is snoring like an old man right now.
yummy food, which i am about to enjoy in just a few short hours. i've been craving some sweet potatoes!
the fall.
and maternity jeans. haha! they are like wearing sweats all the time!

so happy thanksgiving everyone! enjoy your days with family and friends!!

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