Thursday, August 12, 2010

4 months!

well, it happened. 4 months came. and i'm sure 5 will be here before we know it!

jillie turned 4 months on the 5th and had her routine 4 month check up.
her stats:
12 lbs 13 oz (doubled birth weight -- yay!) -- 30th percentile
25 in long -- 75th percentile
looking like we have a long skinny girl! (i wonder who she's taking after?)

she is changing soo much each day. it's so fun to watch her learn new things. she has also turned into ms.personality!

some of her favorite things right now --

her exersaucer -- she will sit in for as long as we let her! my mom had one and she always sat in it at their house, so i decided we should get one. they are crazy expensive, so i went to the trusty craigslist and found one for $25.

it was a hit! literally! in the first 5 minutes, she jacked her face on it, she forgave it though and is playing again. that smile doesn't lie!

she loves to watch baby einstein! if i need a few minutes (or even an hour) to get things done around the house, that will keep her occupied!

the girl talks. and talks. and talks! it is so sweet! i can't imagine when she's actually saying words!

she sings when she hears music! i use the word "sing" lightly. it's so funny, right when you turn the music off, she's silent! this makes car rides entertaining!

she loves her daddy! she's of course always loved him, but you can really see it coming out now! the other day he came home for lunch and when he left she started crying. it was the first time she really showed that she knew one of us had just left!

we started cereal yesterday! and the girl loves to eat! she would eat a spoonful then start crying before i could even get another bite for her!

we're hoping this will help her start sleeping better again. she has slept through the night for 1 1/2 months, but all of a sudden in the last week or so, she's waking up several times a night. we don't know if she's not staying full on just milk, or what. so hopefully the cereal will be the answer!

we fed her in the bumbo, because she's not quite ready for the highchair. but she doesn't love the bumbo. she can almost wiggle out of it! i have not heard of a child being able to get out of one, but she is close! then she gets frustrated, becasue she's hanging halfway out.

she is trying so hard to sit up on her own. she can sit great in your lap without any support, but on the floor she takes a nose dive after just a few seconds. i don't think it will be long though!

we have always tapped on her paci when she was fussing and it would calm her down, well she has started doing it to herself! it is the funniest thing. the motor skills aren't just great at this point, but once the hand finds the paci, she'll keep hitting it.

she finally found her feet, and holds onto them constantly!

i didn't think she could, but the girl has gotten sweeter and we love her even more!

i'm trying not to be sad that she is growing up so fast, and just embrace each step of the way and love that day!

i said i'm trying!

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Laura Selph said...

Kate started getting out of her bumbo so we had to stop using it. We got the best chair as a gift though that we started using when we stopped the bumbo because she is just to small for a regular high chair. It is great at home and super portable so we carry it any time we eat out anywhere. They have it at amazon -