Wednesday, August 18, 2010


** this post is really out of sequence with life, but i still needed to post it. it's been in my "saved posts" for so long, because i've been needing to put captions under all the pictures, but i'm just going to post with no captions. gasp! i know! and some of the pictures may be out of order. gasp again!

the second week of july, we took a little to galveston. we originally had plans/reservations in destin, but with all the oil spill mess, we didn't want to risk it. we had 30 days in advance to cancel with a refund, so we went ahead and did that.

galveston was about the only close beach with any open rooms, so we headed that way. the 6 hour drive was definitely a plus, over the 12 hour drive to destin.

except for the 2 days of flooding we had a really good time. it was a very chill trip.

jillian was soo good. much better than we ever thought she would be on her first vacation! she slept great in her little travel bed.

we spent the days at the beach or pool, then would go eat at fun restaurants at night.

one day the guys went fishing and the girls went shopping. it POURED rain that day. and the guys caught one fish. they should've gone shopping with the girls!

we also went to moody gardens one day. jillie went to her first IMAX movie. she and i stood at the back (actually it was the front, but out of the way). we also went to the aquariam and rainforest there. jillie slept through a lot of it, but when she was awake she loved all the things to look at!

so here are all the pictures, just imagine captions explaining all the pictures..

jillie was tired and very ready to go home..

the end.

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