Monday, November 15, 2010

7 months!

we have been in a bit of a blogging funk around the nelson house.

and by we, i mean me.

jillie bean boo bear is seven months old! which i believe is a little too old, but we'll move on! this is actually like 2 weeks late. maybe i should just do a 7 and 8 month post!

our sweet girl is still a very busy sweet girl. she is EVERYWHERE! and into EVERYTHING!

we love to watch her explore, and then intervene before she endangers her life. or eats a bug.

yes, she has eaten 2. TWO. bugs. bleh. probably my least favorite part of motherhood, so far!

she can wave now and it is so cute. she waves at everyone. the average joe may not notice she is waving because it is a little..erratic. but she is definitely waving, and she thinks she is big stuff!

yesterday she took several steps behind a walking toy. goodness gracious.

she is still a very good eater! she eats every 4 hours in the day. usually eats a fruit or vegetable once or twice a day. we're trying to be better out doing food twice a day, but she spits up so much after, that i dread doing it.

she is still a spitter. we recently started zantac, which has helped a ton, but the last couple of days have been spitty again. bleh.

{after this picture, she may have flipped over the edge. maybe. good thing there is a big pile of pillows on the other side of the chair. just sayin'..}

jillian may be one of the happiest babies i have ever been around! she is constantly "pumped about life!" she will just bust out laughing at nothing and it is so sweet!

i think she's going to have a little sense of humor. her facial expressions are to die for!

{this may be my favorite picture every taken of her!}

she's been sleeping pretty well lately. i think we are finally out of the "waking for no reason" phase from about a month ago. she usually sleeps from 9ish to about 6ish.

this is how she ended our 2 1/2 minute photoshoot. she never stops moving, so she offers lots of poses!

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