Friday, November 19, 2010

a buzzy little bee

cheesy, huh?

i'm coming out of my blogging funk, so i'm having to back track a little, which brings us to..


gasp! halloween!? yes, i actually said that and not "fall festivals". am i even still a Christian? =)

which brings us to our little bumblebAlign Centeree!

we thought this was a very fitting costume for her, because she is so BUSY!
(if i had a dollar for every time i heard someone say, "wow, she's really busy for her age!)

KILLER BEE!! (one of my favorite pictures!)

this is the huge bucket of candy at heidi and brent's house. we all gather there, hang out, and give candy. we think it's more fun to all be together, than all at our separate houses!

we may have passed out some slobbery pieces of candy! just maybe..

all the cousins (minus haylie, who was also a very cute bumblebee). aren't they all so cute!? we're so lucky to have kids who all adore eachother! i just love to watch them all play together. even with the age difference, the older kids are so sweet to the little ones, and they all have a blast!

i was dressed up as a nurse/myself, because i had to go to work later that evening. kyle dressed up as a rangers fan.

we went and trick or treated at gigi and doc's.

we took all the grandkids to trick or treat at my dad's fire station, and they got a call and had to leave while we were there. the kids thought this was way cooler! as they were climbing on the truck, dellie yelled, "is it a cat stuck in a tree!?!?" true story. that girl cracks me up.

here's a picture of all the grandkids together with my grandpa (my mom's dad).

one more picture of our little bumblebee. just to soak up her cuteness..

can you look at this and not smile? i think not.

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