Monday, January 3, 2011

2010 iN REViEW!!

this has been one of the greatest, most changing year we've had as a family, yet!

the year we got married was also the greatest, but i don't feel like it was quite as "changing" as becoming parents.

it has been incredible to meet jillian, and getting to know her these 9 months.

we started off the year about 6 months pregnant and growing rapidly!

in february, we got almost a foot of snow, which we all thought was the greatest thing ever! {i don't look 7 pregnant here all bundled up}

in march, we were just counting down the days to our march 31st due date. we really weren't super anxious about it until we were going past our due date, then we were more than ready to meet our sweet girl!

here were were going on a date for my birthday {almost a week past our due date}

april 4th was my actual birthday and easter. we went to church and family lunches - everyone asking when the baby would get here! well we had an answer -- we were getting induced in the morning!

on april 5th, we went in to start our induction, and it kinda went south from the beginning!

between my crazy high blood pressure and jillian's crazy low heart rate, we landed ourselves in an emergency c-section! not exactly how i would've planned it, but i wouldn't have changed a thing now!

after a very looong day, we got to meet jillian grace at 9:06 pm on april 5th!
goodness gracious! it was love a first sight!

{he's not proud, no?}

we had to spend a few days in the hospital because of surgery recovery and jillian's jaundice. at the time we were kinda itching to get home, but looking back, those were such sweet days for the 3 of us to get acquainted =)

in may, i got to celebrate my first mother's day!

in june, we celebrated kyle's first father's day.

we also celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary. a new member was added to our annual church steps picture!

in july we celebrated the 4th of july.

{her smile in this picture melts my heart. that dimple!}

we went on vacation to galveston with the nelsons.

jillian started to master the tummy time and head control.

in august, she started sitting up in bumbo and eating rice cereal. from that day forward, she has "inhaled" any food we put in front of her!

she also started army crawling, and has not stopped moving since!

we took jillian to her first ranger's game.

and the texas state fair.

in september, a week before 5 months, she started crawling full force!

jillian also got a new cousin - haylie rae jones!

october -- jillian made a pretty darn cute bumble bee for halloween.

jillian got to celebrate her first thanksgiving in november.

and go to her first aggie game!

december was full of a ton of fun holiday festivities!

this year came with a lot more "monthly updates" with a baby!

everyone said "it'll go so fast!", but i never imagined how much of an understatement that would be! looking at all these pictures makes me so happy, yet very sad at the same time!

i cannot believe how big she is and what all she can do now!

i can't wait to see what 2011 will bring for our little family!

right now we have a 9 month old who thinks she wants to be a toddler, so we are starting this year off quite busy!

{i had to finish this post in the starbucks parking lot, because our internet is still sketchy. yes i am that person, but do you really want me bringing a 9 month old into starbucks for any length of time!?}

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