Tuesday, January 11, 2011

8 & 9 months!

we're doing these 2 months together because i put the 8 month post off long enough that it just had to be melded with 9 months!

jillian has now been out in the world longer than she was inside me! that is so wild to think about!

she is still wild, crazy, and sweet as can be.

and, not that i am partial, but is getting cuter and cuter!

her stats?

17 lbs {10th percentile}
27 inches long {25th percentile}

* she just got her first tooth this week! {i didn't think she'd ever have teeth, but i was ok with that, because her gummy smile is just too cute!}

* this week she also had double ear infections and RSV -- not a fun week, but we're getting past it now!

* she walks like crazy if she can hold onto anything that will slide across the floor - toy, box, chair, etc.

* she can stand without holding onto anything for like 30 seconds, and can even drink a bottle when doing it, but i think she is just showing off!

* she is such a little ham! she will do something and then just look at us, waiting for a laugh! {and most of the time she gets it!}

* we cannot keep her out of the trashcan! which is gross and annoying! she'll pull it over in the kitchen and dump it all out. her only flaw - ha!

* her favorite thing to do? probably climb in and out of her chair or up and down stairs.

* yes, she has mastered going up and down stairs!

* for the past couple of months she has been sleeping so great! we just lay her down and she goes right to sleep without a peep. but with her being sick this past week, sleeping has been a challenge, so we're trying to get back in the swing of that.

* she loves any and every other baby or kid! if we're at a restaurant, she we'll spot them several tables away and just stare at them.

* her cousins? she loves them and just follows all the older ones around, thinking she is a toddler!

i'm kinda wondering if i'll be talking about walking in the next post. i think i will be ok either way. as long as she doesn't start running first!

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