Friday, March 25, 2011

bring on summer!

i have been soo excited for summer this year!

last year jillian was just a tiny baby, and even though we took her to the beach, it still kinda hindered what all we could do.

well, this year she is already loving all things summer!

i've been telling kyle since she was born, i can't wait until she is big enough to play in the water sprinklers!

we played in the sprinklers hours every day of summer when we were little! i think my parents decided they may actually save on the water bill if they put in a pool! so we got one of those later!
{barely getting sprinkled at this point, but having a blast! i love her face!}

{getting a little braver}

{all in! she made this face, every time it sprayed her in the face, but she still liked it}

i love watching her have this much fun!

after we went inside, she carried her swim suit around with her. i think she likes it!

it's gonna be a good summer.

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