Sunday, March 27, 2011

eleven months!

our baby girl is actually going to be one year old next week! oh my!

i thought if i held this post off, then maybe it would give me a little longer!

her pictures were a tad difficult to capture this month.

the girl does not stop moving!!

i would get her in the chair, give her a cheerio, grab my camera..

and she would already be climbing out of the chair, on the floor, and outta the room.

camera down.

run get her.

put her back in chair.

repeat x 50ish pictures!

which apparently she thought was a hilarious game.

and i'm no newbie to this.

i have a serious system down.

i waste no time.

she just wastes less time than me!

{mischief anyone!?}

she is walking everywhere! crawling is no more.

she took her first steps right at 10 months, but didn't really take off full force until right at 11 months.

everyone told me i would dread the day she took off, and i will say, i think i actually like it better than crawling. she's still not quite as fast (that will change soon.)

and her clothes and toes of shoes are not completely filthy and worn out every day!

so yeah, walking agrees with us. for now.

that's the only big change this month.

but more than that, i need to get off the computer and work on her birthday invitations that should be mailed, oh, tomorrow!

so we're outta here!

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