Wednesday, April 13, 2011

a whole year!

jillian is a year old.

she is not a toddler, though.

just a year old, walking baby.

last week was the most hectic/busy week we have had in a very long time!

we showed our house twice last week, so we had to keep it spotless, and we had my birthday and jillian's birthday. and every night we had plans doing one thing or another.

her birthday party was saturday evening. we just did super simple, with our families at our house. and it was a perfect little party!

the morning of her birthday, we let her have a powdered donut. i tried to get a picture, but she devoured it before i could! and immediately started crying when it was gone!

before her party, we tried to have a little photoshoot, but guests started to arrive.

{here is where she saw my parents come into the backyard}

{this makes me laugh so hard! she accidentally hiked it up.}

we had hamburgers and cupcakes, and i actually did not take a single picture of the table, decorations, cupcakes, anything! i couldn't believe it. we also didn't video singing happy birthday. i think we broke serious first birthday rules.

{isn't this just the picture of patience?}

{she definitely likes cupcakes!}

she got a "bike" which she just hopped on and started riding!

a baby and stroller, which has already been pushed many miles!

izzie and jillian both had a cup of ice and just went and sat in the empty kiddie pool, eating their ice and talking about something!

and tons of other super cute things (too much!) every gift she opened she just wanted to go play with it, so i basically had to hold her down to open them!

here's her birthday banner and cupcakes after the party. her banner is still up, but i don't want to take it down just yet!

we had so much fun with all family just hanging out! thanks everyone for making it special and fun!

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