Thursday, January 12, 2012

Christmas =)

i took so many (as in a few hundred) pictures over the Christmas holidays, so putting together a post to cover it all was a bit daunting. so i decided to just cover our sweet little christmas at home, just the 4 of us.

i love, love, love spending the holidays with all of our families, we can't seem to get enough time with each of them, but my favorite was definitely the couple of hours we had on Christmas morning with just the 4 of us. it was so sweet,  and i just wanted to soak up each moment and detail.

 our sparkly tree! this is right out of the camera. i read on pinterest exactly what settings to put the camera on to get these results. i took tons, just playing with the settings!

santa came to see us! {we actually don't do "santa", but we also don't not do "santa". jillie doesn't get it, yet, so we're not sure exactly how we're going to tackle that. we definitely won't be like the 'oh my gosh don't even say santa!' but they'll know who the gifts are really from! =) }

jillie got a play kitchen, which she loved! she immediately walked straight to it and started "cooking". 
we bought a janky old kitchen that was falling apart at a thrift store and re-did it for j, and i love how it turned out! i like that it looks a little retro!

but she would have been just as happy with this juice box from her stocking and her new box of crayons!

she was so sweet when going through her stocking, loving each tiny thing.

the most amazing bed-head.

making cupcakes! (mema gave her lots of dishes the night before, so we brought them all out for her to cook with)

kade's Christmas breakfast.

jillie was so sweet, bringing kade his gifts, and wanting him to be excited for his new blocks and trucks.

kade man taking it all in.

she immediately filled her new backpack with all her new stocking stuffers and put it on.

kyle helping kade open his gifts.

sweet, sweet boy.

jillie was so excited for kade's gifts too.

when we were done opening gifts, she climbed up next to kade on his boppy and just laid there. i don't always love that she still has a paci too, but then i look at this picture and i love it to pieces. it's still her bit of baby-ness.

i love their sleepy morning faces.

we were so blessed this year! (we are every year!) 
i wish we could have just stayed there all day, soaking the kids up. they're both at such sweet ages, and we just can't get enough of them! i know i've used the word "sweet" so many times in this post, but that's just what Christmas morning was for us. sweet.

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