Thursday, January 12, 2012

Kade Man

our sweet kade has not gotten enough face time on the old blog. 
so today is his day!
he is seriously the sweetest thing! 

the first month and a half were a little rough on all of us. poor guy had lots of tummy trouble, and was just not the happiest, but we have gotten past that and he is a totally different little guy!
he is (appears to be) much more laid back and content, than jillie was (and still is). at this age, she was starting to army crawl. kade loves to lay on his tummy, and can hold his head up great, but he is just content to just lay there watch whatever is going on. doesn't care to go any where. yet.
he just started sitting in them bumbo and likes it for about 10-15 minutes, but then he starts to get tired. (have you seen the size of his head!? can't imagine trying to hold that thing up!)

he weighs 16ish pounds. at 3 months. (how much jillie weighed at 9 months). he's large.
he also loves the bouncy seat if he's awake, and the swing to sleep in.

he is still sleeping in the bassinet in our room, because he is not yet sleeping through the night and i would rather just pick him up and feed him, rather than going to his room. jillie had just started sleeping through the night at this age. he was doing really well, but we went on vacation (more on that later). and that really messed up his sleeping. he usually eats about 9 pm, 2 am, then 7 am. so really only one night feeding (although 7 am is still night to me! haha).
he is now all formula (as of the last few days) and i'm having to really try not to be really sad. he was just so hungry all the time, and i couldn't keep up. plus he decided he only wanted bottles on vacation, and that made life difficult. so yeah, he's all formula now! it does make some parts of life easier, though.
he snores. that wasn't going to be part of my post, but he's asleep next to me right now, snoring up a storm, so i thought i would share.
he adores jillie, and she adores him even more. when i get her out of bed, the first thing that comes out of her mouth is about 10 questions about kade. "kade awake? kade night night? kade crying? kade couch? kade shoo-wee?" and this is all while we are still in her room! seeing this interact makes me more happy, that i expected. i always knew it would be fun, but i could just watch them "talk" and giggle all day!

he has started talking and cooing a ton. and giggling! he'll have to stop and catch his breath, it's so sweet!
i hear everyone has the thought, how can i love another baby as much the first? and i kind of did, but not literally. i knew i would love him, of course. but i never knew how much i would love him. not more, or less than i love jillie. just a whole new love! it's so hard to explain!

{oh that sweet face!}
i can't imagine how we did life before this guy!

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