Friday, June 27, 2008

honeymooning in mexico =)

here are quite a few pictures from the honeymoon! you see, i post a ton of pictures because our lives aren't exciting enough to just write about, so pictures are better. like right now, our lives consist of wake up, go to work, come home from work, unpack boxes, write thank you notes, go to bed. yeah..we're living it up here in college station! so enjoy the pictures for now!

ahh..playa del carmen!

behind us here is the main lobby of the resort

we got a photographer to take some pictures for us

poor kyle didn't wear enough sunscreen our first day there!

in the ocean

my handsome husband=)

eating dinner at a cute little italian place

on our porch, notice the sand comes right up to our porch! and that is our reserved cabana bed there behind us. amazing!

this was before dinner one night. most of the weddings take place in this gazebo.

parasailing! everyone should do it!!
notice how much smaller i am than kyle! i look like a little kid! haha.

another picture from the photographer!

we had a blast. everyone should go to the royal in playa del carmen, its amazing. kyle is already looking at prices to go back again. i say hold your horses. but we did see beach front condos for sale starting at $73,000...maybe we'll just go that way!!

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Dan and Ashleigh said...

Your pictures are so good!!! I'm so jealous! We didn't take hardly any pics on our honeymoon. You'll cherish those forever!