Tuesday, June 24, 2008

married at last!!

we're finally official! we got married on june 14th and we are loving every minute of being newlyweds! we had an amazing time in playa del carmen, on our honeymoon (pictures to follow!) and now we're back to the real world, which is college station for now. kyle is working as a personal banker and i am ending my job at intellamed (medical supply company) and starting as a nurse in the nursery at the medical center on july 7th. everyone said it would be a bummer to have to come back to "reality" but we are loving learning how to be married together!
in the meantime, here are a few pictures from the wedding (ok, a lot!) but i love them all and wanted everyone to be able to see some of them!

here is the handsome groom waiting to see the bride for the first time! i will for sure never forget his face right here. he's amazing!

me walking in to see kyle
in front of the church
the whole jones gang
the nelson clanus with andrew and adelle, the ring bearer and flower girl

the whole wedding partydad and me
mom and me

at this point, andrew was getting a little tired of pictures, but he still loves his kyle, so he suffered through it.
it was getting close to the starting time, and we were waiting in the parlor
counting down the minutes at this point!
dad and me walking down the aisle

kiss the bride!i loved our cake, although i couldn't really remember what it looked like until i saw these pictures. the day was sort of a blur, a really amazing blur, but still a blur!

kyle's grooms cake was made to look like his black and white paisley fender guitar, i thought it turned out so good!

going out for our first dance!

father daughter dance
mother son dance

andrew and adelle dancing to "my girl". how sweet.we had a ton of fun dancing with friends and family!
running away! notice the flower petals in the top of my dress! haha!
our first time to sit down, and we were beyond exhausted!!

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