Thursday, June 26, 2008

lanny cale

so most all of you know that lanny is on his way to kazakhstan right now. well, he had a 5 hour delay in denver yesterday, so when he got to frankfort, germany (5 hours late, of course), he had missed his flight to astana, kazakhstan. they told him they would connect him through moscow. so after a couple of hours, he went to board his flight to moscow, and they asked for his visa for russia. well, he didn't have a visa for russia, because he wasn't planning on going there, so they told him he couldn't board that flight. the next flight from frankfort to kazakhstan is not for another 24 hours. thankfully, the airport there got him a hotel room and food vouchers, but its still a little discouraging to be stuck there for a whole day alone! his flight should be tomorrow (friday) at 10ish am our time (8 pm in germany). keep him in your prayers! and remember my parents/family too as we're all a little worried about him too. we'll all be much more at ease once he gets to KZ with his partner, jay, and jake and stephanie huck (the family he'll be working with there in KZ).

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