Sunday, July 27, 2008


we got to spend this past weekend in galveston with the all the nelsons. we had so much fun, although it was "eventful". while the nelsons were on their way to galveston (before we met up with them), they stopped to eat lunch in houston, and the tahoe was broken into. they lost literally thousands of dollars of electronics including several cameras, ipods, dvd players, xbox 360, even medication and make up! so that put a damper on the trip. on saturday, the tahoe had a flat tire so we spent several hours in sams, a mall, and office depot, replenishing stolen goods, and waiting for the tire to get fixed. it made for fun family bonding time =) besides those minor things, we had a lot of fun and it was great to hang out with the family! here are some pictures from the weekend..

all the family!

this is way blurry, but i had to post it. this is us sitting in the office chairs in office depot, waiting on our tire to get fixed next door. good times =)

at the beach!

we went to a 3-D imax on sharks, i thought was good, but a little "tree-huggerish". the guys all thought there wasn't quite enough killing.

the guys having some brotherly bonding time over cigars.

this is a bungee type ride, that got stuck up at the top. they had to call a fire truck to get it down. needless to say, it was closed the next day.

on the way home, kyle and i stopped at kemah boardwalk.

kyle feeding stingrays at kemah. they would come up out of the water and take little fish right out of your hands. they were way slimey.

this is what their mouths looked like open, i thought it was a little freaky!

here we are on the boardwalk.

so now we're back in the big town of college station, and back to work, again. fun fun!


Kristyn said...

Oh good 'ol Galveston!
That really stinks about the car break-in. But I love how everyone is still smiling while waiting on the car to be fixed...How did you pull that off?

the nelsons said...

well, i couldn't post the picture that i took right before that, because my dear father in law was "expressing his true feelings" about the situation. haha!