Tuesday, July 15, 2008

lets go fly a kite!

let me say that people do not play outside enough anymore! when i was little, we would go outside on "adventures" and not come back until it was dark! so..we decided to be little again and go play outside all day. friends were in for alison and zeb's wedding last weekend, and hannah, shannon, steven, and josh all spent the night at our apartment. the day after the wedding we decided to have a full day of outdoor adventures!!
we started by going to walmart and buying kites, frisbees and subway for our picnic lunch and headed out to brison park here in college station. i had never been to this park, but i loved it! its just an outdoorsy park with huge trees and open fields to fly kites, and we were the only ones there!
we got to the park and had our picnic under the biggest live oak tree i have ever seen! then we flew kites, played frisbee, and climbed trees! couldn't have spent a summer day any better!

here's kyle with quite possibly the smallest kite ever made! it surprisingly enough flew pretty well!

hannah and kyle flying kites and playing frisbee

us looking pretty nappy after running around in the sun!

probably my favorite picture from the afternoon! shannon, steven, josh, and kyle climbing the huge live oak.

climbing trees continued..

kyle up high in the tree

some kite flying action

so everyone should go outside and play today! well, its actually raining here, so maybe another day =) but for real, go fly a kite and climb some trees! we had so much fun!


Kristyn said...

How fun!
do you know how many pictures I have in that park?! My dad grew up on that street, and it was also where I lived in college. I think it's my favorite tree. I rode my bike past it almost every day!
Probably too much information, but hey, I was excited!

the nelsons said...

that is so cool! wait..is that the park where jason proposed!?
i couldn't believe i've lived here for 2 years and never been there! its definitely my new favorite park here!