Saturday, July 5, 2008

happy 4th of july!!

we were so excited to be able to go to greenville for the 4th, but it made for a busy couple of days! we started the day with the park street parade. andrew rode his bike in the parade (he graduated from riding in the wagon) and adelle rode in the wagon behind the lawnmower. this is a big time parade we're talking about =). after the parade we went for a cook out at heidi and brent's with several families who were at the parade. the night of the 4th we had a party at the nelsons. that night we had to drive back to college station because poor kyle had to work on the 5th at 8 am. stinks being in the real world!

here we are at the parade!

adelle and the little kids in the wagon.

a very hot and tired andrew on his festive bike after the parade!

ms. 4th of july, herself, showing her love of cheetos!

andrew was taking pictures of us. he was telling us where to sit, and lean our heads. it was so funny! after he finished one picture, he said "oh, that's real nice!" and the funny thing is, the pictures were actually good! he's a character!

andrew and kyle swimming at the nelsons, at the 2nd party of the day!

dellie said she was ready to go to bed, so we made her a bed out of a raft and towel. she then told me she wanted me to lay down with her for goodnight hugs and kisses. so sweet.

she loved the fireworks but thought they were a little loud. she would not pull those little chubby fingers out of her ears for the life of her!!

happy 4th of july!!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Aunt kk for putting our pictures on the "compooter!"
-Anu & Dellie
Seriously, I love it! Your like my "surrogate blogger" since I'm a little slow, technologically speaking! :) Maybe some day. . .
In the mean time, thanks! We love it!

The Carters said...

Christa told me about your blog last week and it looks like we have pretty good taste on blog backgrounds! :)
Hope you are doing well and enjoying married life!