Friday, September 12, 2008

Ikes yikes!

So there's a hurricane coming straight for us!
all along i've been big deal..we might get a little rain and wind.
well, today, while i was at work our supervisor came up to me and asked

"are you spending the night tonight?"

"well, i usually don't spend the night at work, so no."

"are you working tomorrow?"


"ok, then you don't have to spend the night."

apparently, by 7 am tomorrow, winds should be up to 80-100 mph! thats a lot. which means the people who work tomorrow are spending the night at work. (sounds like a real party)

that also means, that they had a ton of free food for all the staff, so i definitely took advantage of that!

if the storms are too bad and we can't get to work, we can call and they will come pick us up in a big 'ol truck. not every day that can happen.

so, today i found out that the hurricane was supposed to hit us.

which means:
- we brought our grill in from the porch and it is now in our living room, so later tonight it won't enter our living room through the window!
- when i got off work today, my activities included finding all the candles and flashlights in the house.
- and i'm about to fill the bathtub up with water so we can flush our toilets with it later (weird i know, but everyone's doing it!)

the big word on the street right now is "hunker". i've never heard that word used so many times in one day, but that's what we're doing..

we're hunkering! we'll let you know how it goes!

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Dan, Ashleigh, and Baby said...

That's freaking awesome! I love extreme weather! Good luck with the flushing the toilets thing though. HAHA!