Sunday, September 21, 2008

ring day!

kyle got his aggie ring on friday! he made fun of all the people who were way overly pumped about the day, but he finally admitted that he was "closet excited". haha..he's so dorky, its cute. the day was alot of fun and we got free snow cones. i got a strawberry cheesecake snow cone! i thought it would be weird, but it was so good! its crazy how much it tasted like cheesecake (my most exciting part of the day!)

kyle "closet excited" while he waited in line.

signing his life away for his ring!

having it presented to him.

seeing it up close for the first time! (the guy behind him is apparently very excited about kyle's ring!)

gig 'em!

the end of a fun day!

congrats dear! i'm soo proud of you!!


Kristyn said...

YESSSSS! That is a good day!! congrats kyle!! Kaci, you didn't post any pics of Kyle dunking his ring?? ;)

the nelsons said...

well..we did go to some friends' ring dunk and they were all trying to talk him into it, but he definitely "opted out".