Thursday, September 11, 2008

catching up!

its been awhile since we have posted. we have been soo busy! instead of doing several posts about each thing we've been up to, we'll just have one post and include it all! so here is the last couple of weeks in pictures! enjoy!

we spent a day at the lake!

it was lola's first trip and she loved playing in the water! (we were very excited because we are also water loving people!)
lola got tired of swimming and wanted up on kyle's raft!she slept like this forever!! it was so cute!

we had a date night!

we went and saw bill cosby!! it was great! he was soo funny!

went and saw the aggies play some football. (not the best game to go see though)

we had pretty amazing seats on the 23rd row on the 40 yard line!

my wonderful husband got me flowers after a super long work week!
saw nick play some football!

me, kyle, and lola at the jones family reunion!

it was also mimi's 75th birthday!

how cute is this!? andrew and lola made great playmates.
and now we are looking to buy our first house and this is a very strong candidate! guess where!? greenville, of course! its just a cute little brick house..we'll see how it goes!

well that pretty much sums up the past few weeks. it has been crazy busy, but we're loving life! now we're just going to hide away and hope the hurricane doesn't hit us in college station this weekend because we don't feel like evacuating..we're tired!

and i'll try to be better about keeping up to date with posting so i don't have to wait forever for all the pictures to load each time!! adios!

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