Friday, October 24, 2008

happy birthday kyle! this post is ohh..about 13 days late. oops. (confessions of a bad blogger.)

kyle turned 22 on october 10th! yay!

we actually spent the day driving to dallas, attending job interviews, went to ikea to shop for our new house (yay), dinner at cheesecake factory, and hanging out with the family! so it was pretty busy.

when i asked kyle what kind of dessert he wanted for his birthday, he replied "funfetti cupcakes, because they're better than regular funfetti cake." so i slaved over hours in the kitchen and attempted to make my husband's birthday dreams come true!

i actually had to work the night before kyle's birthday, so on my way home from work at 7am, i got him donuts and made him a "donut cake" (aka..pile of donuts and kolaches with candles on it). i woke him up early, but he was about to get up for his interviews anyway!
right after i took this picture, several donut holes fell of the plate and lola was in heaven!

so happy belated birthday, dear!
(although i told you on time in real life=) ).

i love being married to you.

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